Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Melanie Knox

Public Welfare Program Analyst
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Office Location

12 E. Chestnut Street, Augusta


(207) 626-5270


Melanie has been with the Muskie School for 18 years. Prior to joining  Muskie, she worked 18 years in government service, with the last 8 years in public welfare and 5 years in direct service with clients. Research is her first love and she is most happy when working on a variety of projects. Melanie has earned certificates in mediation and facilitation from USM and is always looking for work involving focus groups and interviewing. She also trains Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) staff on a variety of topics, but her favorites are teaching DHHS workers how to present orientation to clients, as well as teaching supervisors/managers how to identify and deal with the “bad apple.”

Melanie has worked with a Food and Nutrition Service project, which gave her the opportunity to work with Somali women, school children, and farmers markets around nutrition and food safety, another area of interest. This project gave her opportunity to help author a recipe and activity book for school children on nutrition and blog to Food Supplement participants about healthy low cost meals on the Maine Nutrition Network website. Melanie has experience with polling technologies, conference planning, logistics, leading workgroups, developing materials, literature reviews, and research, and she has worked on projects involving paternity, sex offenders, breast feeding moms, nutrition, and court training, to name a few. Melanie is currently working with the Division of Child Support Enforcement at the Office for Family Independence.

Melanie has raised 4 children while earning a bachelor’s degree in mental health and human services.