Muskie School of Public Service

Muskie Public Health Education Corp

A group of people - The Muskie Public Health Education CorpThe Muskie Public Health Education Corps is a select group of Muskie public health graduate students that works directly with epidemiologists at the Maine CDC, Division of Infectious Disease.  The Muskie Corps is engaged in health education activities in the community including school-based interventions for mosquito and tick-borne diseases, a health education program for older adults at Maine libraries, and many other events around the state.  Corps members have developed short videos to inform the public about the prevention of diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes in Maine.  Mentored by MPH faculty member, Dr. Judy Tupper and Maine CDC epidemiologist, Sara Robinson, the graduate students are performing essential health education services and gaining practical work experience in the field.

Front row:  Sara Robinson, Maine CDC, Judy Tupper, Muskie MPH faculty

Back Row:  Muskie MPH students Kayla Blais, Crystal Cushman, Catherine Peranzi, and Trevey Davis