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Muskie School/Cutler Institute Lunch & Learn Research Hour - George Shaler

Join the Muskie School and Cutler Institute for a lunchtime presentation on the Use of Deferred Dispositions in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Cases in Maine by George Shaler, Managing Director of the Children, Youth and Families - Justice Policy program area at the Cutler Institute.

Mr. Shaler’s discussion will report the findings from an examination of how deferred disposition is used in Maine. This option typically involves the accused pleading guilty to a charge and agreeing to meet certain conditions over a period of time, commonly one year. In a case involving deferred disposition, if conditions are met, the case is either dismissed or the defendant is found guilty of a lesser crime than the one with which he/she was originally charged. If the terms are not met, the defendant is convicted of the charge to which he/she pled guilty.

George Shaler is Managing Director of the Children, Youth and Families-Justice Policy program area at the Cutler Institute. He is also the Maine Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) Director. Mr. Shaler has been with the SAC since 2003 serving the first ten years as Research Associate and the last three years as its Director. During that time he has played an integral role in all of the SAC’s justice policy projects and products.

When: Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Time: 12:00 Noon to 1 pm EST

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