Muskie School of Public Service

Muskie Student Organization

Muskie Student Organization (MSO) Representatives (2021-2022)


Cara DeRose

Chairperson of the Board


 Cara is a first-year graduate student pursuing the Public Policy concentration within the MPPM program. During her undergraduate studies at USM, she served as a staff writer and copy editor for the Free Press student newspaper and interned at the Press Herald. Starting in 2018, she worked for two years as a reporter for the Maine Beacon, a local news outlet focused on progressive policy issues in Maine, and then served as a campaign manager for State Senator Stacy Brenner. She has also helped support housing mutual-aid work in Portland during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the new chair of MSO, she brings a life-long passion for public policy and advocacy and hopes to continue to foster a strong student community within the Muskie School. 


Eva Shepherd

Co-Chairperson of the Board


Eva is a second-year graduate student in the MPPM program and plans on graduating in Fall 2022 with a concentration in Public and Nonprofit Management. Eva is currently working for the University of Maine at Augusta as the Enrollment Administrative Specialist, assisting Financial Aid, Admissions, and Enrollment departments. With a background in tourism and the arts, Eva is interested in arts and cultural management, as well as tourism and economic development, and has been able to explore and refine her professional goals through assigned internships and projects. New to the MSO, Eva hopes to help build a vibrant and cohesive community of students within the Muskie School of Public Service.

Muskie Student Organization (MSO) Mission

The mission of the Muskie Student Organization is to build strong student community within the Muskie School, create opportunities for civic discourse on public policy issues as well as for personal and career development, and advocate for students in policy-making and decision-making within the Muskie School. Students have the opportunity to discuss issues, identify solutions, and organize events. It is an all-volunteer student organization that seeks to address diverse student interests through regular meetings, discussion and engagement in public policy, health, and planning issues.

The goals of the MSO are chosen and pursued by students themselves, and reflect the diversity of the student body in the choice of projects. Past activities the MSO has participated in include:

  • Hosted off-campus social events to welcome back and celebrate the beginning and end of the semesters
  • Organized an intimate breakfast with the Muskie Board of Visitors
  • Hosted a Muskie alumni and friends speed-networking event for students to talk with community members about their experiences and career paths, as well as potential networking or placement opportunities
  • Organized a policy forum on referendum 1, the vote to support or repeal the gay rights legislation passed by the state, to help educate and inform students and the public about the issue from different points of view.
  • Hosted a round-table discussion with former governor Angus King focused on the importance of public service in the world today.

At the start of each academic year members of the MSO get together and decide the agenda and goals for the upcoming year. It is a great way to get involved and all students are encouraged to attend MSO meetings and bring ideas of interest.

Muskie students are individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances. Some are practitioners taking one course at a time while juggling family and work responsibilities. Others are full time students living off loans and graduate assistantships. Some are fresh out of college while others are returning to school after gaining years of experiencean extended absence. Because of the broad range of Muskie student experiences, your student input is essential to the MSO's ability to adequately represent student interests on issues as complex and substantive as diversity and academic planning.

Through our efforts, we hope to support a strong, supportive student community. We want to work together to further Edmund S. Muskie's charge to the school: Public Service needs constant attention… constant improvement… and needs to attract people who like a challenge. The Muskie School must develop knowledge, develop ways in which to use knowledge and develop leaders. It is important to be passionate about that. 

Announcements of upcoming meetings and activities will be posted to the student listserv in Blackboardsent through email to the Muskie list serve. Our Facebook group also allows students to stay updated on events or post a discussion.

For more information on the Muskie Student Organization, please contact the current MSO Co-Chairpersons.

Muskie Student Organization Documents

Article I: Mission

The Muskie Student Organization (MSO) is organized to:

  • Build a strong student community within the Muskie School;
  • Create opportunities for civic discourse on public policy issues; and
  • Advocate for students in policy-making and decision-making within the Muskie School.

Article II: Activities and Events

A. Activities

The MSO encourages all students to take an active role in fulfilling this mission in a variety of ways, from organizing events to representing students at faculty meetings. The major activities of the MSO shall be:

  • Coordinate and promote educational and social events for students and the greater Muskie community.
  • Promote networking activities for students.
  • Identify and promote opportunities for public and community service by members of the Muskie community.
  • Provide student representation at faculty meetings and other school wide committees and bring the concerns of the faculty and school administration back to the MSO.
  • Address student concerns such as (but not limited to) access to and quality of resources, communication within the school, curriculum issues, promoting student learning and student advising, and career counseling and placement.
  • Maintain active, regular channels of communication between students and the rest of the Muskie school, including faculty, staff, administration, and alumni.
  • Conduct the business of the MSO in a consensus-based manner, utilizing teams to accomplish tasks and open meetings to encourage broad-based student participation.

B. Events

The MSO will sponsor events that support the mission and goals. Past events have included the following:

  • Reception to welcome new students>
  • Library Orientation for new students
  • Research Institute Directors Seminar
  • Field Experience Seminar>
  • Capstone Seminar
  • Career Workshops
  • Career Day
  • Habitat for Humanity day
  • The MS Walk
  • Preble Street Soup Kitchen
  • Coffee & Bagel Discussions with local policy makers
  • Holiday gatherings

Article III: Organization

A. Management by Students

Any matriculated student in a Muskie program is welcome to attend any meeting of the MSO and is entitled to a full voice in any action or activity of the MSO. No individual student, committee, or sub-group of any kind may take any action on behalf of the MSO without the expressed consent of the MSO at a duly convened meeting.

B. Responsibilities of Muskie Students in the MSO

Muskie students have these principal areas of responsibility to the MSO:

  • Maintain an active and involved MSO;
  • Initiate activities and events that are aligned with the mission; and
  • Work with Muskie staff, faculty, and administration to effectively carry out those activities.

C. Officers

The officers of the MSO will be a Chairperson and one or more additional officers as the MSO may determine. All officers shall be chosen by the MSO each year at the annual meeting in a manner and form as determined by the MSO at a duly convened meeting.

The MSO shall fill any vacancy among the officers at any meeting. Officers may resign in the manner described under Article IV, Subsection G: Resignation of Student Representatives, and may be removed in the manner described under Article IV, Subsection H: Removal of Student Representatives.

D. Responsibilities of the Chairperson of the MSO

The Chairperson shall be a Student Representative (see Article IV.) The Chairperson shall have the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the MSO mission guides MSO activity;
  • Lead and facilitate all meetings of the MSO, which includes establishing the agenda with input from students, arranging meeting times, and giving notice of MSO meetings to the student community;
  • Ensure student representation of the MSO at faculty meetings; and
  • Communicate regularly with the Dean of the Muskie school.

Article IV: Student Representation in the Muskie School

A. Purpose

A primary responsibility of the MSO is to provide student representation within the Muskie school.

B. Composition

There will be two Student Representatives from each of the Muskie degree programs. (At this writing, this includes CPD, HPM, PPM, Ph.D. for a total of eight Student Representatives.)

C. Responsibilities of Student Representatives

In addition to the responsibilities of Muskie Students in the MSO, as outlined in Article III, Section B, Student Representatives have these principal areas of responsibility:

  • Represent students and the MSO within the Muskie school; and
  • Report back to the MSO from any Muskie community involvement, including all faculty meetings and committees.

Each Student Representative shall represent students and the MSO at their own program faculty committee.

A number of Student Representatives shall be selected by the MSO to represent students and the MSO at schoolwide Muskie Faculty meetings. Of these student representatives, one shall be the Chairperson of the MSO.

One student representative shall be selected by the MSO to represent students and the MSO on the Muskie School Council, a standing advisory board to the dean as established by the Muskie Governance Document.

D. Involvement by other students in Muskie School committees and meetings

Any student who so desires may also represent students and the MSO on any standing or ad hoc committee or meeting within the Muskie school that is not listed above and that is open to students (such as the Diversity Committee.) Any student who attends any such committee or meeting shall regularly make reports to the MSO about the committee’s activity or meeting's content.

E. Selection of Student Representatives

Each year at the Annual Meeting, students in attendance shall select Student Representatives from a slate of candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee (Article VI, Section D.) In the event of contested seats, the MSO may either refer the matter for students in each program to resolve, or may select representatives from among the candidates.

F. Length of Terms

Student Representatives will serve for a period of one year, beginning in May.

G. Resignation of Student Representatives

Any Student Representative may resign at any time by giving written notice to the MSO or to the Chairperson or otherwise by death or incapacity. The resignation will take effect upon receipt of such notice or at anytime specified therein. The acceptance of such resignation by the MSO will not be necessary to make it effective, unless otherwise specified therein. The MSO will fill the vacancy of office, selecting a new Student Representative to serve the remainder of the term.

H. Removal of Student Representatives

The MSO shall remove any Student Representative for cause. Cause may include, but not be limited to, lack of attendance at meetings or failure to fulfill roles and responsibilities outlined herein. The Student Representative under consideration for removal will not have a voice in the decision. Any vacancy so created will be filled in accordance with the guidelines outlined in section G: Resignation of Student Representatives.

Article V: Meetings

A. Open Meetings

Any student, staff, faculty or administration of the Muskie School is welcome to attend any meeting of the MSO. Only students, however, shall have a voice in any consensus-based decision-making process.

B. Annual Meeting

There will be an annual meeting of the MSO each year. At the annual meeting, Student Representatives and Officers will be selected, to begin their terms in May. Discussion of future activities shall take place. Due notice of the annual meeting is to be given to all Muskie students prior to the meeting.

C. Regular Meetings

At least twelve regular monthly meetings of the MSO will be held each year.

D. Special Meetings

In addition to the regular and annual meetings of the MSO, special meetings of the MSO may be called by the Chair of the MSO on his/her own motion, or upon request of a majority of the Student Representatives, with due notice to each Student Representative, either personally, by email, by mail, or by telephone.

E. Quorum

At least 50% of the duly selected Student Representatives (i.e., four as of this writing) will constitute a quorum at any regular, special, or annual meeting of MSO. In the absence of a quorum at said meeting, no binding decisions shall be made, but substantive discussion may take place.

F. Leadership of and Record of Meetings

At every meeting of the MSO, the Chairperson will preside. In the absence of the Chairperson, the students in attendance will select an Interim Chairperson to preside.

At every meeting of the MSO, the Chairperson will select a student who will keep a record of the meeting.

Article VI: Committees

A. Committee Purpose

The MSO shall carry out its business through a team-based approach. To reflect this approach, committees may be established by the MSO to organize students into teams to accomplish a particular set of tasks. All committees shall report to the MSO about their work and decisions.

B. Committee Membership

Committee members will be appointed by the MSO and can be any member of the Muskie community, including but not limited to, matriculated and non-matriculated students, staff, faculty, and administration.

C. Committee Meetings

Committees will determine their own organization and times and places of meeting, unless otherwise directed by the MSO.

As levels of student involvement permit, the following standing committees may be created:

D. Nominating Committee

This committee shall identify and recommend to the MSO at the annual meeting a slate of prospective Student Representatives, using criteria established by the MSO.

E. Events Committee

This committee, working with Muskie staff, shall plan and carry out civic engagement, skill development, and community building events that the MSO chooses to sponsor.

F. Public Service Committee

This committee will develop and promote public service and community service opportunities for students.

Article VII: Amendments

Any or all of the provisions of the Bylaws of the MSO may be amended, altered or repealed by consensus of the MSO at any meeting, at which a quorum is present and that has been duly convened after notice has been given to all students, which includes a summary of the proposed changes.

Meeting Notes


  1. Discussion of calendar with our events on it.
  2. Updates on MSO rep homework from last meeting
  3. Possible Events Update: - Welcome back event on orientation day (August 29th) - Meredith - Governor candidates panel in late October - Morgan, Maggie and Suheir - Student session with Chris Matthews - Barb
  4. Welcome back note for current students.
  5. Next meeting

August 2018 MSO Meeting Notes 8/13/18

In attendance: Maggie Fleming, Barb Price, Songsong Le, Morgan Horn, Suheir Alaskari, and Meredith Sells

  1. Discussed concerns about Muskie Office not being staffed the week of 8/20 2. Event Ideas

  2. 9/7-combined MPPM/MPH welcome back happy hour at Maine Craft Distilling b. Gubernatorial Panel

  3. if we don’t plan our own event could we tag along to a panel planned by

another organization? what would tagging a long entail? c. 9/29-former chief of staff for Pres. Clinton giving lecture

  1. Firooza is planning a small group lunch for students d. 10/12-Chris Matthew event

  2. book signing reception e. Decided to table making an events calendar f. graduate studies office is willing to contribute funds towards our events 3. Welcome back email to students

  3. keep at student level b. how to contact the MSO c. reminder of meeting dates and that students can attend


  • Everyone

○ add facebook friends to closed group

  • Songsong

○ write introductory post for FB closed group

  • Meredith

○ draft welcome back email

September Meeting Tentatively Scheduled for Monday, 9/10 at 7pm

Agenda for 9/10/18 Meeting:

  1. Executive session
  2. Upcoming event updates: -Happy hour on 9/14 - make RSVP note for list serve -Where we stand with woman network governor candidates -10/12 Chris Matthews Event
  3. Facebook group
  4. Event survey update
  5. Next meeting

Muskie Student Organization Board Meeting September 10, 2018 7:30pm Wishcamper 302 In attendance: Meredith Sells, Maggie Fleming, Suheir Alaskari, Songsong Le, and Morgan Horn

7:30pm-Chair, Meredith Sells called meeting to order

  • Plan for filling MPH rep. position

○ Bylaws don’t say that we have to do an election

○ Giving MPH students a week to self-nominate (write a paragraph)

○ We will interview for the process

  • Upcoming Event Updates:

○ 9/14 Happy Hour-Maine Craft Distilling at 5:30-7pm

■ Maggie to make Facebook event

■ Send language to Desiree for reminder email

  • Ask for rsvps

○ 9/28, 11am-Maria Echestove (?) Deputy Chief of Staff for Clinton Private Lunch Event

■ 10 invites-Meredith running the invite list

■ Maria E. is speaking that event. There is another event at 5pm at Hannaford.

  • Do we send an email to get a Muskie group together to attend?

○ 10/12-Chris Matthews Event

■ Student breakfast-10-11am

■ Book Signing-11-11:50am

■ Lecture-12-12:45pm

○ Maine Women’s Lobby Gubernatorial Event?

○ Need to send reminder about the events survey

  1. Welcome to Jeremy
  2. Location to save past meeting notes?
  3. Quick debrief from Chris Matthews event
    1. Meredith to share pics from Chris Matthews event for Songsong to post
  4. Next events?
    1. Oct – Bowling night around Halloween
    2. Nov - Something for election day? Update on contact with Maine Women’s Lobby?
    3. Dec - Cocktail meet and greet with BOV? We should set this day asap if we want to do.
  5. Maggie - update on event survey
  6. MPH update from faculty meeting
  7. MPPM discuss any items we would like to have on next faculty meeting agenda
  8. Songsong – call out to Muskie School LinkedIn?

Notes for 10/15/2018 Meeting

In attendance: Maggie Fleming, Jeremy Zuckero, Songsong Le, Morgan Horn, Suheir Alaskari, Meredith

MPPM Students-Starsha Schiller, Erick Eisele

  1. Location to save past meeting notes?
    1. Ideally, past meeting notes should be saved to MSO google drive
    2. Would like to add upcoming meeting dates and minutes to website
    3. Firooza has a new undergrad student assistant on Tuesdays who is working on website, hoping to hire a new full-time admin. by the end of the month
      1. Can put our photos on the website
    4. MSO Box Account?
  2. Quick debrief from Chris Matthews event
    1. Meredith to share pics from Chris Matthews event for Songsong to post
  3. Next events?
    1. Friday, October 26th, 5:30pm
      1. Non-happy hour type event-Maggie and Meredith came up with bowling at Bayside
    2. Nov - Something for election day? Update on contact with Maine Women’s Lobby?
      1. 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Forum 
        on Women’s Economic Security
        Hannaford Hall, USM Portland
        Sunday, October 21st, 2018
        6:30pm-8:00pm-6-6:30pm-gather in Wishcamper Lobby
    3. Dec - Cocktail meet and greet with BOV? We should set this day asap if we want to do.
      1. Networking Reception with BOV
        1. Next meeting is November 30th-ends at 2:30pm, 2:30pm is an awkward time, could we poll the board for 5pm and pick a different date in December if 11/30 doesn’t work?
      2. December 14th-Holiday Social Event, Start after dinner (7:30/8)
      3. Restaurant kick back event?
        1. Let’s table-List is limited, awkward days and times, and hard to drum up support
  4. MPH update from faculty meeting
    1. Next meeting is November 1st-Morgan and Jeremy will go
  5. MPPM discuss any items we would like to have on next faculty meeting agenda
    1. Next meeting is November 9th-Maggie, Meredith, and Suheir will go
    2. Meredith wants to prioritize time during MSO meetings to debrief from faculty meetings
  6. Maggie - update on event survey
    1. Community service event-Erick works in community service office
      1. Husky Day of Service?
    2. Ice Skating event next semester?
  7. Songsong – call out to Muskie School LinkedIn?
    1. Firooza administers but it’s private



  • Suheir-talk to security about opening up Wishcamper for gathering before Gubernatorial Forum
  • Songsong-post event on fb for bowling, once hear from Suheir-make event for gubernatorial forum, add Morgan and Jeremy to whats app group
  • Meredith-draft an email for Firooza to send out with meeting minutes, upcoming events, reminder about social media handles and linkedin


Possible items to discuss in future

  • Policy for if a student comes to the MSO with title IX
  • Make fliers for upcoming events
  • Lunch next fall-best practices for first year students

Agenda for 11/19/2018 Meeting:

  1. Professor Michael Hillard: Brief update of opportunities for MPPM and MPH students 2. Professor Dhalia Handman: Overview of Spring 2019 capstone seminar course, with

Q&A 3. MPH and MPPM updates from recent faculty meetings, and any follow ups

  1. Student Survey 4. Meredith update on website changes (brief) 5. Maggie opening of discussion item for May’s graduation reception 6. MSO offsite? 7. Next events –
  2. Update on BOV event b. Dec holiday event (12/14)

MSO Meeting 11/19/2018 In Attendance: Maggie Fleming, Jeremy Zuckero, Songsong Le, Suheir Alaskari, and Meredith Sells Guests: Professor Michael Hillard, Professor Matthew Hoffman, and Professor Dhalia Handman Student Attendees: Laila Ferreira

  1. Professors Michael Hillard and Matthew Hoffman: Brief update of opportunities

for PPM/MPH students

  1. Food Studies Program
  2. Launched two years ago with MEIF funding ii. Before launched curriculum, went out and made connections in

nonprofit and policy sector iii. Developed undergraduate curriculum first b. Graduate Certificate Program

  1. Muskie administration is allowing MPPM students to take certificate

courses ii. Goal is for certificate become MPPM concentration iii. Next semester the following courses will be offered:

  1. PPM 639-Political Economy of Food 2. PPM 603: Environmental Resilience and Food Systems 3. FSP 695: Food Studies Internship
  2. Big focus is economic development/non-profit

management c. Have ongoing policy work all the time

  1. Conference on Fighting World Hunger in March
  2. Looking for student presenters for break out sessions 2. Looking for paid interns to help plan conference d. Contact Prof. Hillard with questions at e. Food studies website has all of this information and more 2. Professor Dhalia Handman: Overview of Spring 2019 capstone seminar course,

with Q&A

  1. Muskie faculty learned overtime that capstone was becoming a barrier

rather than an opportunity-came up with portfolio and internship options b. But, at the end of the day, the capstone is really the culmination of an

academic experience-capstones are focused, small pieces of the pie c. Student who register for the course will have three options

  1. Individual paper ii. Group project-group selects topic and client iii. Group research project-framing Maine public issues 2019 d. Series of deliverables over the 14 weeks e. Class doesn’t meet every week f. Students should contact Professor Dhalia Handman with any questions 3. MPH and MPPM updates from recent faculty meetings, and any follow ups

1. Confirm schedule for Spring meetings
2. Events for Spring

a. Registration Forum
b. Alumni/Friends
c. Others

3. Social media: new students
4. Next steps for graduation ceremony?
5. Other business

 In Attendance: Meredith Sells, Suheir Alaskari, Morgan Horn, Songsong Le

Guest: William Harper

  1. Confirm schedule for Spring meetings
    1. Thursdays at 6:45pm, will try for Wishcamper 327
      1. 2/21
      2. 3/14
      3. 4/4
      4. 5/2
  1. Events for Spring
    1. Registration Forum
      1. Friday March 8th at 5pm, Lee Auditorium
      2. Who should speak
        1. Muskie Faculty
        2. Cross listed departments-food studies, law, social work?
        3. Graduate Studies
  • Audience-All Muskie Students
  1. MPPM Alumni/Friends (MPH faculty planning event)
    1. Friday April 5th at 5:30pm, Wishcamper 102
  2. Other Events
    1. Happy Hour
      1. 2/22, 5:30pm, Liquid Riot
    2. Social media: new students
      1. Group is closed not secret so new students can search for it to ask to join
      2. We are finally allowed to email the student listserv directly
    3. Next steps for graduation ceremony
      1. A few of us will meet with Firooza this month
    4. Course Evaluations (if time permits)
      1. Very few students completed course evaluations
      2. Very ill-timed survey for students (during last week of classes)
      3. Important-are the only way that administrators that make changes to faculty composition
      4. MSO to send a reminder email around time that course evaluations go out
      5. Mention at MPPM faculty meeting that profs. should allot time during class for students to complete
    5. Other business

Items for next meeting:

  1. Online vs. in person course ratio
  2. Review the events survey


Meredith-Check room availability for MSO meetings, Registration Forum (Wishcamper 133), and MPPM Alumni and Friends (Wishcamper 102)

Suheir-create calendar invite for all upcoming events

Maggie and Suheir-work on planning registration forum

SongSong-look into relevance of public Facebook group, is there anything we should be doing that we aren’t on FB?

Maggie-figure out date for graduation meeting with Firooza

Everyone-review MSO page on Muskie website

  1.  Graduation ceremony discussion
  2. Any business for upcoming happy hour (brief)
  3. Registration Forum
    1. Different name?
    2. Marketing
    3. Snow Date
  4. Muskie list serve update (brief)
  5. Facebook Group update (brief)
  6. Review the events survey
  7. Faculty meeting updates
  8. Recruiting
  9. Executive session
  10. Other business

MSO 2/21 Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Suheir Alaskari, Meredith Sells, Jeremy Zuckero, Morgan Horn, and Songsong Le

Guests: Firooza Pavri and Eli Rubin


  1. Graduation ceremony discussion
    1. All graduating students are invited to the Muskie Graduation Ceremony, always the Friday before Commencement, 4-6pm
      1. This year will be at Wishcamper
      2. 4-4:30-registration and mingling
      3. 4:30-introductions, keynote speaker, MSO president address, awards ceremony (best student and best capstone by program), program by program call students up get a gift bag, cake
      4. People can hang around and mingle after if want
      5. Graduating students and two guests are free of charge, additional guest (can have as many as you want) are $10 each
      6. Students and faculty will be encouraged to wear hoods and regalia-can’t confer degrees at muskie ceremony
      7. Will take group photos
      8. *everyone walks across the stage at USM graduation. Only PH.D. students get hooded but masters student receive diploma cases.
  2. Any business for upcoming happy hour (brief)
  3. Registration Forum
    1. Refreshments-Maggie ask Amy to order three dozen cookies, coffee and water
    2. Title: “Looking Ahead for Muskie Students”
    3. Morgan to check with Erika about additional cross listed programs to invited
    4. Songsong will make flyer
    5. 3/15 snow date-Maggie to ask speakers when sends talking points
  4. Muskie list serve update (brief)
  5. Facebook Group update (brief)
  6. Review the events survey
  7. Faculty meeting updates
    1. MPPM did not have a February meeting
    2. MPH-nothing particularly important to note
  8. Public Comment
    1. Eli Rubin-Currently only faculty and administrators can reserve materials (ex. Dvds)
      1. Could Amy Fox has a blackboard course that all students could be enrolled in to use for posting content and as a discussion forum
      2. Meredith-had a blackboard forum that MSO closed it because it wasn’t being used. Used to have a blackboard list-serv but wasn’t being managed well (new students not getting added) 

Agenda for March Meeting

  1. Any business for upcoming registration forum (brief)
  2. Update on upcoming events
    1. Lunch with Diplomat
    2. Muskie Alumni and Friends
  3. Muskie list serve update email? (brief)
  4. Email on policy for MSO event email (brief)
  5. Facebook Group question (brief)
  6. Faculty meeting updates - MPH
  7. Executive session
  8. Other business

MSO Meeting Minutes


In attendance: Meredith Sells, Morgan Horn, Songsong Le, Jeremy Zuckero, Suheir Alaskari


  1. Any business for upcoming registration forum (brief)-3/8 (5-7pm)
    1. Going to be great!
    2. Maggie going to arrive early to check out audio/zoom set-up
  2. Update on upcoming events
    1. Lunch with Diplomat-3/14 (during lunch)
      1. Good Group of student RSVPs
    2. BOV breakfast-3/15 (8:30-9:30am)
      1. If not getting enough RSVPs might be worth sharing the list of BOV members
    3. Muskie Alumni and Friends-3/29 (evening)
      1. Great group of alums and friends signed up
      2. Got pizza donated from Flatbreads
      3. Cash Bar
      4. Going to publish list of speakers closer to the date
  3. Muskie listserv update email? (brief)
    1. Going to check with Andrew on who can email what listservs
  4. Email on policy for MSO event email (brief)
    1. New policy-MSO will promote events by including events in monthly email with meeting minutes. Events must be submitted by Tuesday before monthly meeting to be included.
    2. Meredith will speak with Firooza
    3. Meredith to send update email to students on 3/12
  5. Facebook Group question (brief)
    1. Changing Muskie Student 2018/2019 from private to closed so that students can search for it
  6. Faculty meeting
    1. have been hearing complaints about online/in person ratio and accreditation-can raise these issues at faculty meetings
    2. MPH updates
      1. Still in early stages of strategic plan
      2. On board with wearing regalia to Muskie graduation ceremony
      3. Testing requirements for MPH admission
      4. Course catalog deadline is approaching
        1. Big new thing is the Bachelors in Public Health-bringing on a new faculty member-question of what can be cross-listed
    3. Maggie will attend next MPPM Faculty meeting
  7. Executive session