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New Summer Course Offering: Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Muskie School, in collaboration with Business and Maine Law, is offering a new interdisciplinary course “Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic: Resilience and Recovery.” 


Using an interdisciplinary perspective, students will gain a broad background in understanding the Covid-19 pandemic, its global and local impact, and recovery from it.  The course is delivered through a series of lectures taught by faculty experts from Muskie School programs, Business and Maine Law.  Each faculty member will present an aspect of the Covid-19 pandemic through their disciplinary lens, highlighting how we understand, track, mitigate, and recover from its impacts. Students will be able to integrate the knowledge and skills gained through the lectures, readings, and assignments and apply it to their own learning.


Additional Information: 

  • Course Numbers - GEO 395, GEO 595, TAH 399, and PPM 599
  • Dates - Summer Session I (5/18-6/12)
    • Online Meetings: June 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 11 (5-6:30pm)
    • Synchronous online via Zoom
  • Credits - 1 credit
  • USM Core - Engaged Learning (EL)
  • Grading - pass/fail
  • Lead Convener - Firooza Pavri, Muskie School, CMHS
  • Faculty Participants - 
  • We are pleased to welcome two very special guests - Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dr. Dora Mills, Chief Health Improvement Officer at MaineHealth - to kick off the lectures on June 1. 
  • Along with the for-credit version of the course, we will open some of the faculty lectures to the public. These will be held webinar style and require prior registration.
  • Topics covered -
    • Epidemiology of Covid-19
    • Public health systems & health policy
    • Crisis management best practices
    • Global/local disparities in impacts & outcomes
    • Privacy rights & freedoms; federalism
    • Impacts on global and US economy and workforce 

Contact Firooza Pavri at for details