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Food waste reduction - Muskie workshop

Muskie School Workshop: Food Waste Reduction & Recovery for K-12 Schools & Institutions Food waste and food recovery are on the radar of schools, towns, institutions, environmental groups and the hospitality industry. In this workshop we look at how Maine schools, institutions and restaurants can set up and operate data driven food waste reduction and recovery programs and achieve economic and environmental benefits by keeping leftover food out of the dumpster. Guest speakers from schools, municipalities, businesses and the hospitality industry will share their perspective and practices.
Catie Peranzi and Hannah Ruhl

Catie Peranzi and Hannah Ruhl, 2017 Featured Graduates

After attending schools elsewhere, friends Catie Peranzi and Hannah Ruhl will together earn their graduate degrees, each becoming a Master of Public Health.

Faculty Senate Award for teaching

Congratulations to Dr. Tracy Michaud-Stutzman, chair of the Tourism and Hospitality program at the Muskie School, for being awarded a 2017 Faculty Senate award for teaching!
USM's Muskie School's John Gale

Politico article features quote from Muskie School’s John Gale

Gale's expertise on rural health was included in a Politico article about the relationship between social isolation and health issues.

Sustainable Sites Initiative summer workshop

A day-long summer workshop to gain an understanding of SITES (Sustainable Sites Initiative), the new model for community planning, land development and asset management.

Muskie School Speaker Series

Join the USM Muskie School of Public Service, Honors Program, and Environmental Science and Policy in an Earth Day panel discussion on the future of environmental regulations and the implications for society and human health.
President Cummings interviewing guests from the School of Education and Human Development and Portland Empowered on the set of the USM update

Replay: 'The USM Update' 4/3/2017

Get an update on USM's sustainability efforts and learn how USM students are being prepared to tackle the environmental challenges facing the planet. Also, hear how USM is preparing its educators to adapt to the changing demographics in Maine's classrooms. Plus, a discussion on the findings of the first in-depth analysis of Maine's juvenile records system.
image of the two presidents signing the agreement

USM signs agreement to expand relationship with Iceland’s Reykjavik University

USM President Glenn Cummings and Ari Kristinn Jónsson, the president of Iceland's Reykjavik University, have signed an agreement aimed at expanding the relationship between the two schools and providing more opportunities for student and faculty exchanges.
cover of "Unsealed Fate" report

USM’s Muskie School releases ‘Unsealed Fate,’ first in-depth report on Maine’s Juvenile Records System

Researchers found that individuals with juvenile records face barriers in applying for jobs and professional licenses, enrolling in the military, accessing housing and securing other financial supports. In addition, their report finds that juvenile records often lead to harsher adult sentencing and that individuals with records experience marginalization and stigmatization.

Recreational Marijuana Panel

The Muskie Student Organization at the University of Southern Maine invites you to a panel discussion on recreational marijuana (Question 1). Come and listen to experts discuss Question 1.