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Noted Architect and Planner, Nir Buras to speak at USM

February 4, 2015
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
102 Wishcamper Center, 34 Bedford Street, Portland

Noted architect and planner Nir Buras

Beauty and Common Sense as a Basis for Sustainable Urban Design: a master class by noted architect and planner, Nir Buras

In the desire to be progressive, the planning profession has, since WWII, brought about the decimation of cities, ugliness if not squalor, the triumph of traffic, and a logarithmic growth of codes and processes. Today, conscious planners, governments, citizens and developers seek operational and cost effective solutions that provide genuine, long-term sustainable results. Following a short account of its legacy, Dr. Buras will identify the new discipline of Classic Planning as among a planner's most potent tools; and discuss its scientific basis, principles, and urban design tools, most notably common sense and beauty; and demonstrate its applicability for enactable plans and an ordinance for Portland.

This lecture is part of the Muskie School's community planning and development graduate-level course on Principles of Town Design, and is FREE and open to the public.

Nir Buras, Ph.D., is an architect and planner with strong problem solving abilities and an eye for aesthetics, specializes in large buildings and complex projects. Dr. Buras's interest in "Why Things Look the Way they Do," led to research at the Technion in Israel on the Rom¬antic origins and intentions of Modernism. His blueprints have made imprints on the character of major cities and landmarks such as Grand Central Terminal (N.Y.), and the US Capitol Complex (D.C.). He founded the Washington D.C. chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture and is the visionary behind the Anacostia River Plan in D.C.

USM’s Muskie School of Public Service Professor Yuseung Kim teaches Principles of Town Design, Elements of Plan Making and GIS for Municipal Applications and participates in the Sustainability Solutions Initiative, a federally funded partnership between the University of Southern Maine and University of Maine to link science with policy solutions that support human needs while preserving ecological systems. Prior to joining the Muskie School of Public Service, Dr. Kim was a lecturer at the University of Colorado Denver, where he earned his doctorate in design and planning. He also worked in South Korea as a researcher and planner at the Seoul Development Institute, where his focus was economic planning and urban growth modeling.


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Dr. Yuseung Kim
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