PhD in Public Policy

The Ph.D. in public policy is designed for those students who are interested in questions surrounding the origins, development, implementation, and analysis of public policy decisions in government and related institutions. The program prepares students to function within a variety of fields while focusing their dissertation research on a specific topic. Students undertake the Ph.D. in order to develop answers to questions about the ways in which policy is formulated and implemented, and to make their own original contribution to the knowledge of these public questions. In pursuing the Ph.D. program, students acquire skills as independent researchers, the ability to interpret and assess the research of others, and the ability to communicate their knowledge to a wide variety of audiences. Those who successfully complete the degree are equipped to bring their knowledge to senior policy and management positions in government, nonprofit agencies, school districts, research organizations, consulting firms, and in college and university faculty and administrative appointments.

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The program is not accepting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The program is not accepting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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Building Bridges Beyond the Quadrangle: The CAO and the External Community
(Book chapter by Mark Lapping in: Martin J, Samuels JE, eds. The Provost's Handbook: The Role of the Chief Academic Officer. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press; 2015:200-206.)

Health Data and Financing and Delivery System Reform: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? (Issue Brief by Barbara Shaw, Andy Coburn, Kimberley Fox, Andrea Gerstenberger, and Barbara Leonard)

New Jersey's Manage by Data Program: Changing Culture and Capacity to Improve Outcomes(Report by David Lambert and Julie Atkins).

Rural Implications of Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act. (Issue Brief by Erika Ziller, Jennifer Lenardson, and Andy Coburn).

Safety of Rural Nursing Home-to-Emergency Department Transfers: Improving Communication and Patient Information Sharing across Settings. Journal for Healthcare Quality, 37(1), 55-65. (Authors: Judy Tupper, Carolyn Gray, Karen Pearson, and Andy Coburn).

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