Muskie School of Public Service

Remote Sensing journal features research of new GYA alum

Paul Bourget, a recent graduate of the Muskie School’s Geography-Anthropology program, has co-authored a paper featured in Remote Sensing, an open access journal on the science and application of remote sensing technology.

The article, “Deciphering the Precision of Stereo IKONOS Canopy Height Models for US Forests with G-LiHT Airborne LiDAR,” evaluates the precision of IKONOS stereo data for measuring forest canopy height. The authors find that IKONOS data provide a useful, cost effective alternative to light detection and ranging (LiDAR) when high quality digital terrain models are available. The exploration of such low cost measurement options is critical given the high cost of LiDAR data collection for large area studies and the present lack of a spaceborne instrument.

This paper builds upon research that Bourget conducted during two successful internships at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, where he was chosen to work on the North American Forest Dynamics project.