Muskie School of Public Service

Richard Barringer

Emeritus Professor Richard Barringer served in the administrations of three Maine governors as Commissioner of Conservation and Director of State Planning. In 1990 he became the founding director of the Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service where for more than two decades he taught Public Policy & Management and Community Planning & Development with a focus on Sustainable Development policy and practice. Following retirement, he chaired the university-wide committee on creating the Metropolitan University at USM (see Forging a New Identity: Report of the Metropolitan University Steering Group). He also collaborated with Muskie, private, and public partners to produce two important reports on the future of Portland (Growing Portland: Not Whether but How) as well as the Greater Portland region (Greater Portland Tomorrow: Choices for Sustained Prosperity). All three reports are available at the UMS’ digital commons. In 2008 Barringer was awarded the Elmer B. Staats Public Service Career Award by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, given from time to time to a faculty member “whose career exemplifies a commitment to inspiring students to public service careers.”