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Rising Tide Awards 2017: Patient Safety Academy

We are delighted to present the Rising Tide Awardees who were recognized at the 8th Annual Patient Safety Academy on September 29,2017 on the USM-Portland campus.  Please join us in congratulating Dustin Butler, Jack Keith, and Marie Vienneau!


 Dustin Butler

Mr. Dustin Butler is a pharmacist at Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent.  His commitment to patient safety and the well-being of his community is evident in his resounding dedication to antibiotic stewardship in both in- and out-patient settings.  Along with his team, Mr. Butler has implemented an antibiotic stewardship program in the hospital setting and in several physician practices associated with the hospital. In a rural state like Maine, we know that inappropriate antibiotic prescribing can lead to devastating outcomes; 2 million people in the U.S. are infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, with more than 20,000 deaths each year as a result.Though there are competing priorities and lack of resources that interfere with putting an effective Antibiotic Stewardship Program in any setting, Dustin has demonstrated that despite such obstacles, it is possible to do so.  Congratulations to Mr. Butler, a 2017 Rising Tide award recipient!

 Jack Keith

Dr. Jack Keith is the Chief of Anesthesia at St Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Lewiston and has been instrumental in bringing the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) project to St Mary’s. The PSH is a collaborative which is championed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists and epitomizes the use of evidence based practice to improve patient outcomes after surgery.  St Mary’s is actively implementing many facets of this collaborative, contributing data and outcomes to the nation-wide database and is currently the only hospital in Maine involved in this process, due in large part to Dr. Keith’s leadership. Dr. Keith provided all the “groundwork” of convincing administrators of the importance of working with this collaborative and of implementing the strategies – which are known to have patient outcomes of decreased surgical site infection, decreased length of hospital stay, discharge to home (rather than rehab facility) and improved performance. By reducing infection rates, length of stay and rehab costs, both patients and the health care system benefit. He convinced the Surgical Chief of Staff and another orthopedic surgeon to help implement the program, as well as getting the performance improvement department to get involved in gathering baseline metrics and helping build systems to gather data going forward which will allow for measurable improvement. Thanks to Dr. Keith, St Mary’s is on its way to making a measurable difference in patient outcomes.  Congratulations to Dr. Jack Keith, a 2017 Rising Tide Award recipient!


  Marie Vienneau

Ms. Marie Vienneau is the President and CEO of Mayo Regional Hospital in Dover-Foxcroft.  In her role, worked tirelessly to improve patient safety. As a registered nurse and leader, she has set the tone in the facility that patient safety is the top priority. Putting it at the top of every meeting agenda, she recognizes staff who have shared patient safety concerns and has an open door policy. She believes in transparency throughout the organization. She began holding Patient Safety Huddles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to discuss current and upcoming safety concerns. Communication and sharing between departments has helped improve safety culture.  She also started “Senior Leader Rounding” on all inpatients, which entails her, along with the VP of Quality, and the VP of Patient Care Services as they conduct rounds every weekday to learn about patient safety concerns as well as staff safety concerns. This allows them to intervene quickly on any concerns. Ms. Vienneau’s leadership, with focus on and commitment to patient safety affects each and every level of the hospital is commendable!  Congratulations to Marie Vienneau, a 2017 Rising Tide Award recipient!

 2017 Rising Tide Awardees with Nicole Breton

Nicole Breton, Interim Director, Maine Office of Rural Health and Primary Care, along with the Rising Tide Awardees.