Vinton Valentine

Adjunct Faculty- Director of USM GIS
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303 Bailey Hall, 37 College Avenue, Gorham, Maine

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Phone: (207) 228-8455

Vinton Valentine (Ph.D. University of Delaware) has worked as the Director of USM-GIS since spring 2006.

One of Vinton's current research interests is wetland vegetation classification using remotely sensed data.  In his dissertation, he used remote sensing and GIS to investigate the displacement and spatial structure of the scrub-shrub/emergent wetland ecotone along tidal rivers in response to sea-level change and other human impacts. Before joining USM, he was working for The Ecosystem Center at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts where he analyzed creek network patterns to develop indicators of condition and stability for tidal marshes facing sea-level rise and other stressors. 

New Publications

What's New?

"Profile of Rural Residential Care Facilities: A Chartbook" (authors: Jennifer Lenardson, Eileen Griffin, Zach Croll, Erika Ziller, and Andrew Coburn)

"Integrated Care Management in Rural Communities" (authors: Eileen Griffin and Andrew Coburn)

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