Natural and Applied Sciences

Ira Levine

Professor of Natural and Applied Science
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Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D.


Ira "Ike" Levine, University of Hawaii, PhD.

Ike Levine completed his doctoral studies in botanical sciences at the University of Hawaii. He offers courses in scientific topics, biological principles, applied botany, environmental sciences, ecology, coastal ecology and marine biology.  His area of expertise is algal physiological ecology and marine agronomy. 

Research Interests

Dr. Levine's work revolves around the Aquatic Research Laboratory at LAC that is focused on the enhancement of algal cultivars for commercial cultivation.  Professor Levine's efforts include the cloning of calcium receptors in macro and microalgae for the purpose of osmoregulation in marine species.  Additional work involves the development of farming technologies (open ocean and land-based), co-product development of algal-based biofuel systems, and algal-based natural product development. Dr. Levine also founded and is the Executive Director of Professors Beyond Borders, LLC, a 501C3 U.S. based global nonprofit dedicated to mobilizing professors to assist in sustainable development projects centered in Villages of Need.  


Recently, Dr. Levine has been selected as the President of the Algae Foundation, a nonprofit focused on the transformational qualites of algae in an ecologically challenged, global ecosystem.  Efforts include: education and exposure to the world of algae, raising the algal literacy awareness rate, outreach and extension training of the next generation of algal scientists, farmers, aquaculturists, and marketers.