Natural and Applied Sciences


The Natural and Applied Sciences (NAS) program provides students with a liberal arts education emphasizing the basic sciences and marketable lab/field skills. Besides the traditional Bachelors of Arts degree, the major includes several specific pathways that can also lead to Teacher Certification or transitions into the Masters of Occupational Therapy program while attaining a BA in Natural and Applied Sciences.  

Education certification in K-8 General Elementary Education and in Secondary Life Science Education are examples of these education pathways. For more information on these education related pathways click here.

Transitioning to the Masters of Occupational Therapy program is also possible while studying within the Natural and Applied Sciences. This can be done through the Accelerated Graduate Pathway to Occupational Therapy program. 

The Natural and Applied Sciences program graduates students with refined analytical reasoning skills that practice applied techniques in data collection while showing a strong content background on the intersection of human and environmental health, and a proficiency in clear, succinct, modern communication. The faculty of NAS apply several key themes associated with a transformative and applicable liberal arts education in the sciences: Quantitative Analysis, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Applied Laboratory Skills.

Study in the NAS program provides a substantial foundation across the physical and life sciences while allowing the student, through judicious choice of electives, to focus their major along a pathway suitable for entry into the workforce or graduate and professional programs. Students can shape their learning to achieve careers in a variety of fields including:

Biotechnology, conservation biology, epidemiology, environmental science, health fields including dentistry, medicine, nursing, or pharmacy, laboratory management, molecular biology, natural resource management, occupational therapy, public health, and secondary life sciences education.