Department of Geosciences

Students mapping bedrock geology on Casco Bay shores with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Antenna allows greater position accuracy.
Students kayaking on Casco Bay, as part of a digital field mapping course.
kayaks on Casco Bay
Geosciences major Tim Maus presents his independent study research project at the USM Thinking Matters Conference. He did computer modeling of heat flow in shallow ground-source heat pump systems.
Student poster at conference
Groundwater class field trip to an outwash sand and gravel aquifer with springs. The labradors were only auditing the class.
Groundwater class field trip
Geology Club field trip to the Berry Mine in Auburn, ME. Students collected tourmalines of various colors, graphic granite, quartz crystals, and beryl.
Tidal life examined on Ocean Planet Lab field trip.
Tidal life examined on Ocean Planet Lab field trip

PLEASE NOTE: The University of Maine Board of Trustees has eliminated this department. Currently enrolled students with questions should contact the Dean of CSTH for more information.

Geoscientists focus on planet earth.  We study processes that have moulded earth for unfathomable spans of billions of years, as well as processes that operate over the more familiar time frames we experience as humans.  Students in our programs build a solid scientific understanding of earth's processes using the latest tools and technologies.  Our graduates have gone on to funded graduate research and into entry-level jobs in the field.  Many of these jobs are in New England with environmental and geotechnical consulting firms and government regulatory agencies working on contamination cleanup, construction projects, and water resource exploration.  Others go into energy resource exploration, mineral exploration, and K-12 science teaching.

News & Events

Dr. Pollock, Professor of Geosciences at the University of Southern Maine, was recently elected to serve a four year term on the Board of Directors of the Geological Society of America.
The Geological Society of America (GSA) recently honored Dr. Stephen Pollock with its Distinguished Service Award during its annual meeting in Denver on October 28, 2013.