Law Cluster

Welcome to the website of the Law Cluster.

Thank you for visiting.  The Law Cluster is one of the options available to meet the cluster requirement in the Core Curriculum at USM.  Whether you plan to attend law school or just plan to live under the law, the Law Cluster is a great way to learn about a subject vital to all of our lives.  This page will provide information about available courses and extracurricular opportunities.

Justice and study sculpture by Daniel Chester French

Law Cluster courses being taught in Spring 2016:

1) CMS 423 Freedom of Expression in the U.S. - Prof. Panici, Tu/Th, 10:15 a.m.

2) ENG 305 Rhetoric, Syntax, and Style - Prof. Gish, Tue 5:35 p.m.  

3) PHI 245 Africa, Social Justice, and Exile - Prof. Wininger, Tue 4:10 p.m.