Healthy USM

USM earns a Gold Star in Health

USM was recently recognized with the Gold Star Standards of Excellence award by Maine Tobacco-Free College Network for its outstanding achievement in adopting a tobacco-free campus policy. The policy will become effective on January 1, 2013.


In keeping with our mission to provide a healthy and safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, the University of Southern Maine will implement a comprehensive tobacco-free policy for our campuses effective January 1, 2013.


Becoming a tobacco-free campus has been a ten-year process for USM. Key to the decision to become a 100% tobacco-free campus is the two U.S. Surgeon General reports released in 2010 and 2012, on the hazardous health effects associated with use of tobacco products and secondhand smoke.

To view the new tobacco free policy or if you would like more information about tobacco cessation resources, click here.


This initiative and now upcoming policy here at USM is a big milestone.  We are ready to celebrate!  Many campus community members are looking forward to the positive change. Check out the YouTube video here!




Caitlin FieldCaitlin Field ~ Student

"Having our USM campuses go tobacco free will help promote cleaner air and healthier lifestyles. I'm excited that we are taking the initiative and making the change towards a healthier student body and creating a better environment for all students to be a part of."


Adam Higgins ~ Student Body President:

"Part of the responsibility of any university campus is to promote a
safe and healthy environment for all students. Permitting the use of a
recreational drug in public space that kills 6.5 million people world
wide every year does not fit with the mission and trust of this or any
other university campus.  I am all for people taking personal
responsibility for their actions but I am reminded constantly when I
walk around campus and talk to people that we live in a society where
the cost-benefit analysis is considered not just as an individual but
as a whole, as a community, and public recreational drug use has no
place in it."


Judie O'MalleyJudie Alessi O’Malley ~ Asst. Dir., Office of Public Affairs

"In my dreams, I’m smoking.  When awake, I can tell you I quit my 10 years of chain smoking on February 18, 1984 after becoming pregnant. But, I still think of myself as a smoker because of the dreams. The daughter of two chain smokers, I quit to set a good example for that unborn child, possibly sparing her the addiction that led to my parents’ unhealthy lives and subsequent deaths.....So what? Everyone has to check out, right? True, but I can’t imagine how much my parents cost Medicare with all the smoking related illnesses they contracted after they retired. What I CAN imagine is the time they lost with their only grandchild, who remains smoke free after seeing what it did to them.  Tonight, I hope I dream of my parents the way they were before they got sick and in that dream none of us are smokers".


joe berryJoe Berry ~ Student & member of SGA at LAC

"Thank you USM for making health and safety a top priority for all students."


bill griffithsBill Griffiths ~ USM Facilities Managment

"I believe the new tobacco free policy is worthwhile because eliminating the pollution caused by smoke creates a healthier environment and planet.  More importantly, living in a healthier environment will add years to all of our lives- which translates into more time spent with the people we love and cherish."


Lauren Lindsay ~ USM Student

"I'm really looking forward to the smoke-free concept that the USM campuses are enacting.  Many times I have had to walk through campus and inhale second hand smoke.  Breathing in smoke-free air will be beneficial to all parties involved."