Department of Criminology

Minor in Criminology

See Program Requirements

The number of credit hours required for the minor is 18. A grade of "C" or better is required in any course used for criminology minor credit.

Required Courses
     CRM 100 Introduction to Criminology
     CRM 216 White-Collar Crime
     Choose one Research Methods course from the following:
          CRM 220 Research Methods in Criminology
          SOC 301 Qualitative Research Methods
          SOC 307 Quantitative Research Methods
          SBS 329 Research Methods
          SWO 333 Social Work Research I

Choose one of the following:    
     CRM 310 Classical Theories of Social Order
     CRM 317 Gender and Crime
     CRM 365 Race and Punishment
     CRM 395 Internship
     CRM 401 Comparative Criminology

Elective Courses:     
     Choose any TWO CRM courses