History Major

BA in History - History/Social Studies Secondary Teacher Education

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The curriculum for this track of the History degree is designed to provide prospective 7-12 teachers a strong academic foundation in History and Social Studies along with a continuous focus on both the theory and practice of teaching through a sequence of pre-internship education courses and field experiences.

Students completing the 120-hour degree will have satisfied the USM Core Curriculum and the History Major. Graduates are eligible for recommendation for 7-12 teacher certification in Maine.

USM Core Curriculum (including pre-internship education courses):
  • EYE 108 Culture, Identity and Education (recommended) (3 cr)
  • EDU 100 Exploring Teaching (recommended) (3 cr)
  • College Writing--ENG 100 (3 cr)
  • Cultural Interpretation (3 cr)
  • Quantitative Reasoning--MAT 120 (4 cr)
  • Creative Expression (3 cr)
  • Socio-Cultural Analysis--HRD 200/SBS 200 Multicultural Human Development (3 cr)
  • Science Exploration- (4 cr)
  • Ethical Inquiry--EDU 310 Purpose of Schooling in a Democracy (3 cr)
  • Diversity (3 cr)
  • International (3 cr)
  • Cluster:
    • EDU 305 Foundations of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (3 cr)
    • SED 335 Students with Exceptionalities in General Education (3 cr)
    • SED 520 Multi-Tiered Systems of Educational Support  (3 cr)


History/Social Studies Major Requirements: (39 cr)
  • Field I
    • HTY 101 Western Civilization I
    • HTY 102 Western Civilization II
  • Field II (complete one of the following pairings)
    • HTY 121 and one other: HTY 122, 123, or 142
    • HTY 122 and one other: HTY 121, 123, 141, or 142
    • HTY 123 and one other: HTY 121, 122, or 141
    • HTY 141 and one other: HTY 122, 123, or 142
    • HTY 142 and one other: HTY 121, 122, or 141
  • Field III (select two)
    • HTY 152 The Islamic Near East
    • HTY 171 Traditional East Asia
    • HTY 172 Modern East Asia
    • HTY 181 Latin America I
    • HTY 182 Latin America II
  • Research methods course
    • HTY 200 Reference, Research, and Report Writing
  • Elective advanced history courses
    • Select five 303-399 level courses in consultation with your major advisor.
  • Capstone
    • HTY 400 Senior Seminar


In addition, although it is not required, History majors in the Secondary Education pathway are strongly encouraged to take POS 101: Intro to American Government


Language Requirement

This requirement can be fulfilled by achieving a grade of at least C in the final semester of a beginning level language course or by examination.

Completion of one of the following courses at USM with a grade of at least C fulfills the language requirement:

American Sign Language: ASL 102 Arabic: ARA 199 Chinese: CHI 102  French: FRE 102 German: GER 102 Italian: ITA 102 Spanish: SPA 102  

History students are encouraged to pursue language study beyond the first year, and to take advantage of USM's Study Abroad programs.

Graduate programs in History frequently require intermediate level language proficiency.  Students intending to pursue graduate study should take additional language courses.


Secondary Teacher Education (7-12) Requirements

All requirements for the Secondary Teacher Education program, including academic requirements, education courses, content requirements, the professional internship year, and declaration and candidacy can be found here: 



Students who fail to meet any of the academic or professional requirements of this track of the major must withdraw from this track, though they may still complete all requirements for the BA in History (without recommendation for teacher certification).