Teacher Education

Concentration in TEAMS General Elementary (K-8) Pathway

TEAMS admissions has been suspended. The Department is revising the pathway and the result will be a 3 + 2 undergraduate pathway that articulates with the Master of Science in Education in Teaching and Learning.

All courses are 3 credit hours, except where noted.     

Pre-candidacy Courses:
     EDU 120 Early Literacy Development Seminar AND EDU 121 Early Literacy Development Field Experience (1 Cr)
     or EDU 336 Children's LIterature
     EDU 200 Education in the United States
     or EYE 108 Culture, Identity and Education
     or EDU 310 What is the Purpose of Education in a Democracy (fulfills EISRC Core Requirement)
     HRD/SBS 200 Multicultural Human Development
     EDU 211 Culture and Community Seminar AND EDU 212 Culture and Community Field Experience (1 Cr)
     or EDU 305* Foundations of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
     EDU 220 Middle School Community Seminar AND EDU 221 Middle School Community Field Experience (1 Cr)
     EDU 320 Applied Skills for Teaching and Learning AND EDU 321 Applied Skills for Teaching and Learning Field Experience(1 Cr)
     EDU 390 Topics in Education: Portfolio Development

Internship Courses:
     SED 540 Learners Who are Exceptional in General Education
     EDU 505 Teaching Mathematics K-8
     EDU 541 Seminar in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment I
     EDU 542 Seminar in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment II
     EDU 544 Applied Pedagogy
     EDU 552 Teaching Science K-8
     EDU 565 Teaching Reading
     EDU 566 Introduction to the Writing Process
     EDU 644 Internship in Elementary Education (6 Cr)