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With financial support from the Maine Economic Improvement Fund (MEIF), the Office of Research Administration and Development is announcing the availability of funds to support research activities that are central to USM’s mission as a metropolitan university.
Travis Wagner, an Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Policy, is working on a case study examining North America's first successful mining operation of a closed landfill. The mining operation is recovering post-burn ferrous and non-ferrous metals from local landfills.
Professor of Economics Michael Hillard is currently working on a book encompassing the business, labor, and social history of Maine's paper and woodcutting industries.
Professor of Public Policy & Management and chair of the Community Planning & Development Program at the Muskie School of Public Service, Dr. Charles Colgan, is creating a jobs analysis for the city of Westbrook to use in completing the next phase of redevelopment planning and providing information that is vital to the city's ability to secure federal assistance for the downtown area.
Associate Professor of History Libby Bischof is currently working on several research projects that explores the historical connections in film and photography within Maine's society.
CAHS Associate Professor of History Eileen Eagan has two ongoing projects that delve into the relationship of history, memory, and public space in the city of Portland, Maine.
Dr. Flynn Ross, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, and Dr. Hermeet Kohli, Associate Professor of Social Work are leading an initiative to support the tradition of high quality education based on strong student-teacher relationships and community support in Maine schools by offering new tools and strategies to help teachers and administrators respond to changing demographics.
Michelle Vazquez Jacobus is an Associate Professor in Social and Behavioral Sciences & Leadership and Organizational Studies at LAC. She is currently conducting research on the impact of community engagement in retention, learning, self-esteem and success of non-traditional students at USM, particularly by studying the experiences of students in community engagement classes.
The Fall 2013 issue of the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR) Newsletter Undergraduate Research Highlights featured the results of research by environmental science alum Gordon Lane and Associate Professor of Environmental Science Travis Wagner in the area of recycling containers and their influence on municipal household recycling rates.
Mark Silber, Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Science at USM's Lewiston-Auburn College, is working on an oral history photo-documentary project with Museum L-A.


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To support research, scholarship and creative activity to: promote knowledge, discovery and practical application to advance Maine's economy, communities and the quality of life for Maine citizens; to strengthen classroom education and transform the lives of students through real world learning opportunities; and to support faculty and staff commitment to excellence in scholarly accomplishments regionally, nationally and internationally.