Office of Public Affairs

How to Promote Your USM Event


Before you can promote your event, you should have a plan in place for everything from space reservation to catering and facilities services to security. You can view information on how to plan your event here.

HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR USM EVENT: Marketing and Communication

Event Promotion Pre-Planning:

  • Determine who your audience is, and the best method of reaching them (web calendars of events, email invitations, posters/postcards, social media, and so on).
  • Create a "to do" calendar determining the schedule for getting information publicized. What's the deadline for any RSVPs if required? How far in advance do you need printed materials (must be printed and distributed at least 3-4 weeks prior). If you need press releases/media calendar of events published, the media must receive information at least 3-4 weeks prior as well.
  • Designate a point person from your team to coordinate the Marketing and/or PR for the event. 
  • If any printed posters, decide where and how you will display them. On campus? In the community? Both? Who will distribute them? And if using any banners, tablecloths or other materials, how and where will they be displayed? View more information about USM's display materials policy here. 

Promoting Your Event:

View the following information to learn about the tools available to help you promote your event utilizing existing resources at USM.

  • Posters, postcards, flyers, banners, tablecloths, or any other printed materials: Please contact the Office of Marketing to help you determine the best method of designing and printing such materials. Please note: Marketing requires that you plan 10-12 weeks from the date of your event for pre-planning, design, production and distribution of materials. There are several options you may utilize. Marketing requires any official USM event materials to follow our USM Brand Standards. Departments are responsible for distribution and display of any printed materials for their events. You may view information about USM's display policy here.

  • Add your event to your website and cross-post to the USM Event Calendar: All departments/programs at USM should have a member of their department assigned to manage their department website, including posting events on the departments' web calendars. When you post your event on your department’s page(s) simply select “cross post to USM Calendar” before publishing and your event will be posted to the USM-wide Calendar of Events located on the USM home page. All events listings should include a full description, all pertinent dates/times/locations, and a photo or image, along with any links to associated information. Please note -- we do not post external community events with no connection to USM on our calendars. Student focused events may be posted via the Student Affairs web form (for students who do not have access to the CMS). You may find information and training on how to use the USM website CMS (content management system) here. 

  • Email marketing: All departments/programs at USM are encouraged to send their event notices to the USM community via the L-List on the Listserv (you may also wish to encourage your internal audiences to subscribe to this list). If you wish to send a designed/branded email to an external audience, contact Marketing’s web team to see what options are available.

  • External media calendars: If you wish to include your event on some of the primary local media events calendars you may enter your events using the same information as you would on the USM website. Typically departments post events on media sites such as, MPBN, WCSH6 and the Phoenix. For advice, please contact the Office of Public Affairs. To see the list of external media calendars, click here.    

  • Public Relations and Press Releases: For any press coverage beyond the primary events calendars mentioned above, or for inviting press to an event, please use the Submit USM News link or contact the Office of Public Affairs, who will determine and coordinate any press coverage.

  • Social Media: If you currently manage a department or program Facebook page or Twitter feed, you may wish to share your events on those feeds. The USM social media team may choose to share your event as well, depending on the event and the strategic timing of the event. 

  • Photography: We encourage faculty, staff, and students to take photographs at your events. You can even use iPhones, which take good event photos. The Offices of Public Affairs and Marketing and Brand Management have compiled a list of photography and videography tips, available for your use.
    • If you have the budget, you may wish to hire an external photographer. Contact Marketing or Public Affairs for a list of freelance photographers. Photo/Video release policy: for any photos taken that may be used for future publicity, please view the signed release policy.