Costs & Financial Aid

Our Student Financial Services staff members at the University of Southern Maine (USM) are ready to help you build a college financing plan that works for you. As a public institution, we offer an affordable price point and we want to work with our students and families to make sure each student can afford to attend. Student Financial Services staff help students focus on their education (not the cost) so students can gain the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to succeed.


Applying for Financial Aid

How to Apply for Financial Aid

When it comes to paying for your education at USM, Student Financial Services is your go-to resource. Whether you are a first-time student, a continuing student, or a parent, we'll help you navigate the financial aid application process and answer your questions about loans, grants, scholarships, and more.

Scholarships, grants, loans, and work study

Scholarships, Grants, Loans, and Work Study

There are many different ways to finance your USM education. Talk with our Student Financial Services team about various types of aid, including federal, state, and university funded grants, federal student loan programs, work-study opportunities, and scholarships. Explore our wide range of scholarship opportunities on the USM Scholarships page.

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Master Your Money With Salt

USM has teamed up with Salt, the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), and the University of Maine System to offer our students free access to money resources, student loan assistance, job search tools, and more.

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