Maine Small Business Development Centers

Maine Small Business Development Centers (Maine SBDC) provide comprehensive business management assistance, training, resource and information services to Maine's micro, small, and technology-based business communities. Learn more about Maine Small Business Development Centers.

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Small business training and workshops in Maine

Small Business Training

Maine SBDC offers many low cost or free workshops on a range of topics from the fundamentals of starting and owning a business to more complex business issues.
Small Business Online Resources

Small Business Resources

Maine SBDC has small business resources available 24/7 on Business Planning, Financing, Operations, Sales and Marketing and more.
business advising and assistance in Maine

Locations throughout Maine

With locations across the state, there is a business advising location near you.
Small business advising and training in Maine

Small Business Advising

Certified business advisors throughout Maine provide individualized assistance to new and existing businesses on a wide range of topics.