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Note:  Economics Advisement Worksheets are valid ONLY for the USM Catalog Editions (i.e., Requirement Terms) spanning the intervals listed below.

If a student's USM Catalog Edition (i.e., Requirement Term) falls outside the intervals listed below, please refer to the appropriate USM Catalog Edition for associated degree requirements.

  1. B.A. Economics Advisement Worksheets for USM Catalog Editions: Fall 2003 – Summer 2016
  2. B.S. Economics Advisement Worksheets for USM Catalog Editions: Fall 2003 – Summer 2016
  3. Minor in Economics Worksheet for USM Catalog Editions: Fall 2001 – Summer 2016 (.docx)
  4. Minor in Economics Worksheet for USM Catalog Editions: Fall 2001 – Summer 2016 (.pdf)

 Fall-2011-and-beyond USM Core curriculum Worksheet (.pdf)  
PRE-Fall-2011 USM Core curriculum Worksheet (.pdf)

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