Office of Research Integrity and Outreach

Sensitive Information / Special Subject Populations

Categories of Sensitive Information

  1. Information relating to sexual attitudes, preferences, or practices.
  2. Information relating to the use of alcohol, drugs, or other addictive products.
  3. Information pertaining to illegal conduct.
  4. Information that, if released, could reasonably damage an individual's financial standing, employability, or reputation within the community.
  5. Information that would normally be recorded in a patient's medical record and the disclosure of which could reasonably lead to social stigmatization or discrimination.
  6. Information pertaining to an individual's psychological well-being or mental health.
  7. Genetic information.

Special Subject Populations

  1. Minors (under 18 years of age). Please contact the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach.
  2. Fetuses or products of labor and delivery
  3. Pregnant women (in studies that may influence maternal health)
  4. Prisoners
  5. Individuals with a diminished capacity to give informed consent

OHRP: Research Involving Vulnerable Populations video