School of Nursing

Art Program at LAC

Junior nursing students at the University of Southern Maine joined residents from Schooner Estates to participate in an art program at the Lewiston Auburn College Art Atrium.  The exhibit for this fall was themed “Secrets of the Sea”.  Robyn Holman, director of the Art Atrium, brought multiple artists together in a collaborative mixed media presentation for the university and community.   The students and residents for this art exhibit participated in a visual thinking program that highlighted underwater mysteries.


This program brought together inter-generational participants for the purpose of exploring art through visual thinking.  Discussions were facilitated by Jeanne Gottlieb, assistant professor, to enhance the participant’s creative view of art through observing, listening, communicating and critical thinking.   Millennial and generation-x students were coupled with baby boomer and traditionalist community residents to appreciate the values of each generation when awakening their observations and communicating their thoughts.  The goal of this program was twofold.  One objective was to broaden observational skills and the other was to gain a greater insight of inter-generational thoughts and interpretations linking life experiences and visual art. 


Both the students and residents enjoyed their experience and gained a greater view of the art through different observations and interpretations.  School of Nursing students and faculty hope to continue this community project in the future.


Many thanks to Robyn Holman, Krista Meinersmann, Elaine Ogrodnik and Katie Mitchell.