School of Nursing

Bayside Partnership

Faculty: Susan Sepples PhD, CCRN and Susan R. Clement RN, MSN

Bayside is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the state of Maine, home of immigrants and refugees from many countries as well as many long term Portland residents. It is a major center for social services, public housing, city government, and small businesses.

Students in the Bayside Community Nursing Partnership work with Portland's most underserved and vulnerable, including: adults and families experiencing homelessness, the working poor, the elderly poor, refugees, and asylum seekers.  USM students partner with community members, community professionals, committed faculty, and one another to assess community needs and develop outcome based intervention to support physical and mental health and cultural and community safety. Students engage in visioning and advancing new and on-going upstream initiatives, while developing skills of both leadership and followership.

If you want to broaden your perspective, better understand the human story, challenge your assumptions, and enhance your nursing education… become a USM Bayside Nurse.    

Here is the link to the USM Connects Magazine featuring our partnership. The article starts on page 35.