School of Nursing

Casco Bay Fishing and Island Community Partnership

 Faculty:  Kim Moody, PhD, RN-CS, ANP, Katherine Thayer, MD, and Jessica Vickerson-Abbatiello, FNP, MSN, MSW

Fall and Spring Semesters
2 credits each semesters = 4 credit total

The Casco Bay Fishing and Community Partnership is primarily focused on those individuals and families who make their living in the commercial fishing industry, and those living on the remote islands in Casco Bay. Commercial fishing is one of the most hazardous occupations in which one can be engaged. Data gathered by the partnership demonstrates that fishing families are frequently uninsured and often deal with emotional and financial hardships which greatly affect their health status. Individuals often do not seek routine preventive health screening, thus significant health care needs go unmet for many in the community.

Students in the partnership partricipate in a variety of activities.  All students must participate in at least one direct care activity each semester, for example, a flu shot clinic, a health screening clinic, or a health education program in an island elementary school . Fund raising activities, for the purpose of obtaining supplies and equipment used for screening clinics, are also a part of the partnership activities.

The Partnership meets 6-8 times each semester in 2 hour seminars. Students use the remainder of their time in self-directed activities, for example, gathering data about their constituent community, meeting to plan the logistics of bringing flu shot and screening clinics to island populations, participating in health screening clinics, developing the health promotion/health education modules to be used at island schools, or participating in fund raising activities.  Students have the opportunity to develop and expand management and leadership skills.

This is a "from the ground up," ground-breaking experience in a community partnership for health which provides an adventure for those who can deal with the unknown.

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