School of Nursing

Health & Immunization and Criminal Background Check Requirements for Nursing Clinical Settings

Formal documentation of criminal background check/ health and immunization requirements for clinical courses must be submitted to Certified Background by the deadline date listed below. This applies to students enrolled in NUR 307and NUR 331, NUR 325/541, and NUR 419, as well as those in graduate clinical courses:

Students will receive information, via USM email, on how to submit documentation for the background check and immunization requirements.  

  • Deadline for students enrolled in any of the above classes for the fall semester is June 1
  • Deadline for students enrolled in any of the above classes for the spring semester is November 1
  • Deadline for students enrolled in any of the above classes for the summer (limited to Accelerated and Options program) is April 1

If you miss your deadline you will be dropped from these classes and the corresponding lecture class.  This will result in delaying your progress in the program and delaying your planned graduation date.

Please note that these requirements are in addition to the immunization requirements for admission to the University of Southern Maine. University Health Services does not have access to your records in Certified Background.

Maine Documents - Required reading for all students in clinicals

Criminal Background Check

In preparation for enrolling in a clinical course you will need to complete a background check. 

Be aware that USM administrators, staff and faculty have no access to the details of this background check. Clinical affiliates requesting the check will review the report and if there are concerns you will be asked to meet with their representative. Affiliates do have the right to refuse student clinical placement based on criminal background. No background checks, other than the one we require, will be accepted by any of our clinical affiliates.

We consider ineligibility at one clinical affiliate as ineligibility at all our clinical agencies. Ineligibility will stop progression in the USM nursing program. 

Background checks are considered adequate for 12-18 months. At this time we require background checks at the start of your clinical course work and after any significant break in clinical progression. Please do not complete the background check any sooner than the semester prior to your enrollment in NUR 306/307.

A student will not be allowed into clinical if the background check is not completed.


If you have questions about the above requirements, please contact Brenda Webster at (207) 780-4802.