School of Nursing

Healthy Aging/ Elderlife Partnership

Faculty: Noreen Byrne Vincent

The Maine Medical Center Elderlife Program (HELP) Partnership is a very dynamic partnership in which students work to improve and maintain the health of Portland area seniors.  During this course we work primarily with the MMC Elder Life Program. This is an evidenced-based program where students regularly participate in a very successful intervention to reduce the incidence of delirium (temporary cognitive decline) among hospitalized elders.  The program assists older patients at MMC to maintain:  maximal independence, physical and cognitive functioning and spiritual well-being.  Students will work within the structure of an interdisciplinary team focused on maintaining the elder’s health during the hospital experience.  In addition to volunteer activities with HELP patients, students will also have the opportunity to work with the Elderlife Specialist RN in the process of patient assessment and enrollment in the program as well as evaluate program effectiveness when participating in multidisciplinary rounds for HELP patients

 In addition, students may have the opportunity to participate in selected community-based programs aimed at elder wellness and health enhancement.  As a part of these programs students may participate in community assessment, program planning, administration of the programs, and program evaluation.  Through this partnership students may have a variety of opportunities to participate in health-oriented activities with area seniors.

Students will be expected to meet with their faculty and classmates on a regular basis and spend a total of 56 hours each semester on clinical activities (time in the community setting, seminar time, skills training, and additional group meetings).  As in any course, there is an expectation that additional time will be spent reading, preparing for activities and projects, and other course work. Students will attend Thursday seminars as scheduled but are expected to complete their clinical hours on other days in conjunction with the MMC elder care needs, whicy may include weekend and evening hours.

 Traditional undergraduate students will enroll for 2 credits of Nursing 339, Community Partnerships I for the Spring Semester, and for 2 credits during the first half of the Summer semester (NUR 341).  This partnership requirement has a total of 4 credits.

Accelerated program students will enroll in Nursing 436, Community Partnerships for Accelerated B.S. Students.  This partnership requirement has a total of 4 credits.  Students will complete 2 credits Spring semester and 2 credits during the Summer semester (NUR437).  This will be completed during the first half of the Summer semester.

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updated 11/09