School of Nursing

L/A Community CARE Partnership

Faculty:  Cynthia Randall DNP, MS, RN, CNL

The CARE stands for Cancer, Awareness, Resources & Education.

A diagnosis of cancer often puts individuals and families in the midst of a storm. Meeting the needs of those diagnosed and living with cancer is an important focus, however, this partnership goes beyond that to anticipate and plan for the storm.  The Community CARE partnership, developed in 2012, is an evolving engagement with a community dedicated both to patients with cancer and the rural communities in which they live, work and study.  Student projects are developed in collaboration with community partners and in response to community assessment.  Students partner with professionals, members and organizations of Maine communities to share and teach cancer prevention strategies and awareness in a variety of settings to promote health and wellness. 

In this partnership students focus on outreach education across community settings including:  middle and high schools, senior centers, college campuses, workplaces, and recreational settings (you may find us on the ski slopes in winter and the beaches in summer!).  Students are encouraged to develop unique and fun approaches to cancer awareness and prevention, develop skills in teaching, health literacy, and learn to focus outreach education to meet the educational and developmental needs of the target audience.  Come join us and help our communities weather the storm!