School of Nursing

Maine CNA Registry Information

Halfway through NUR 323/325, USM Nursing students are eligible to become certified as a nursing assistant (CNA) in the state of Maine. Please follow these steps to complete the process.


  1. Please print the Mid-Semester Clinical Validation Form for CNA Registry (docx)
  2. Give the form to your NUR 325 or NUR 542 clinical instructor to complete

  3. Return the form to Brenda Webster

  4. As long as you are passing NUR 325/NUR 542 Brenda will write a letter for you to include with your application to the CNA Registry

  5. Print the Maine CNA Registry Form from the Maine State Board of Nursing website

  6. Gather your documentation - copy of your Social Security card, copy of your driver's license or passport, letter from me (this takes the place of the CNA Training Certificate), and copy of your criminal background check report).

  7. Complete the Maine CNA Registry Form Send it all to the address on the CNA application.

 If you have questions, please feel free to contact Brenda Webster.