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Location, Directions & Parking Information

Orientation Documents

  • Students in clinical and practicum are required to complete the online orientation through the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS). Details can be found in Nursing Clinical Information.
  • Maine Medical Center requires additional reading and documentation.
    • Find the following items in Documents & Forms:
      • Read this first: Abbreviated Access Policy Orientation
        • Then complete these forms:
          • Agreement to Comply
          • Confidentiality Agreement

Computer Training

  • Clinical students new to MMC (even if you are employed at MMC) will be required to complete a five-hour computer training prior to the first clinical day. You will be contacted our Clinical Placement Coordinator Emily Holland, once the clinical assignments have been finalized. 
  • General timeline of training:
    • Fall clinical, 1st half of the semester: August training prior to start of semester (during summer break).
    • Fall clinical, 2nd half of the semester: October training, during the first half of the semester.
    • Spring clinical, 1st half of the semester: January training prior to start of semester (during winter break).
    • Spring clinical, 2nd half of the semester: February training during the first half of the semester.
    • Computer training for clinical takes place at 39 Wallace Avenue in South Portland.
    • Additional requests from MMC regarding computer training:
      • You are required to bring your own headphones to this training.
      • Arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start time.
      • Limit side conversations, be respectful of the training persons’ time.
  • Practicum students may be required to complete additional computer training prior to your start date.
    • Practicum areas that typically require additional computer training are as follows:
      • Emergency Department
      • ASU
      • PACU
      • OR
  • This additional training will be scheduled during the first half of your semester. Emily Holland will be in touch regarding your availability and scheduling for this training.
  • Computer training for practicum may take place at 315 Park Avenue in Portland. Emily Holland will confirm where your training will be held.


  • MMC requires that each student have an MMC issued Photo ID badge as well as a “Nursing Student” attachment badge. Security needs a few days to set all of the students up into the system and will notify the school when they are ready for the students.
    • Remember to bring a photo ID, and if you are going to get a parking pass, bring your vehicle registration.
    • Once you have obtained your Photo ID from MMC, you will need to stop by the School of Nursing offices on the Portland campus in Masterton Hall to pick up the Nursing Student Attachment Badge. Either Emily Holland or Brenda Webster will have badges available for you. Both badges are required for full compliance.

Additional MMC Policies

Flu Shot Stickers

  • MMC requires that students wear a sticker on their photo ID badge that confirms their flu shot immunization for each flu season.   After you have gotten your flu shot for the season, bring your badge to Brenda Webster in 122 Masterton on the Portland Campus to get your sticker.
    • Students who opt not to get a flu vaccination will be required to wear a mask during clinical.
    • If you are at MMC for the first time starting in January, please get your sticker from Brenda before your first clinical day.