School of Nursing

Nursing student featured on Give to USM page

Emily Carle has been around the world and back. She grew up in Woolwich, Maine and spent more time in hospitals and listening to medical jargon than most kids spend playing with dolls. All the same, her aspirations in life were to go into politics and to travel...not to go into medicine.

 As life took her to Norway, North Dakota, Australia, Guatemala, Colorado, and Nicaragua she found the purpose she was called for: “I realized that medicine was something greater than a hospital bed-than a nurse-than a doctor... medicine was about caring.. .and it didn't matter if the patient was in Maine or Guatemala--it was a life, not a disease but a person.” She shifted her focus from public health to nursing and is now enrolled at USM working towards graduating with her BSN in Nursing in 2016.


Emily was awarded the Emergency Nurses Association foundation scholarship in 2014, the Janice Howard grant in 2014, the Dorothy Padula Memorial Scholarship for travel to Latin America (Dominican Republic) for Summer 2015, and the Sandra Scully nursing scholarship for 2015-2016. She is also grateful for the sponsorship and support from friends, doctors and colleagues, who have supported her many mission trips, helped her juggle working full time and nursing school, and provided accolades and affirmation of her abilities to be a caregiver. “I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work beside such incredible admirable doctors and caregivers that exhibit the art of compassionate active listening to not only treat a disease-but care for a person,” Emily said.


Emily is hoping to return not only to her home in a hospital caring for those who did not plan on illness or disease, but to provide each patient or person and their family with compassion-centered care. “But mostly I aspire to continue in remote medicine, to be a nurse who is not limited to care only when wearing scrubs--to care for those in hospital beds, grocery store lines, and in the jungle. I am a nurse... it is who I grew up to be.”

Emily’s deep compassion for caring for people is empowered by the rich community she’s found at USM and in Maine. She says, “Thank you to USM for accepting me to the school of nursing, for this opportunity in academics and career, to the wonderful teachers, professors, mentors and all the encouragement USM has provided me in pursuing this degree and calling and passion... and for the honors of scholarships and financial assistance to make this degree and passion possible.”