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Professor of Nursing Recognized as Visionary Leader

Judith A. Spross, Professor of Nursing at the University of Southern Maine, has been recognized by the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Nursing as a “Visionary Leader”. As part of its 120th anniversary, the VCU School of Nursing recognized 120 alumni and faculty as Visionary Leaders during a gala in Richmond, VA on May 30th.

Professor Spross, who received her Master’s degree from the VCU School of Nursing in 1977 (her PhD is from Boston College), has been a leader in advanced practice nursing, holistic care, and pain management. An active professional, she is involved in research directed at changing institutional and clinical practice.

"When we talk about transforming lives of students at USM, I know what it means in my heart! My graduate experience at VCU was transformative in a much deeper way than I anticipated. While I was transformed by my education, I had no idea that it would help me realize dreams I did not know I had and be so satisfying,” explains Professor Spross, “One of my teachers, Ann B. Hamric (a fellow visionary leader), became a mentor, co-editor and dear friend over the course of the 35 years we have known each other.  Ann is a born teacher and she is the one I strive to emulate when I teach. Being recognized as a visionary leader not only honors my accomplishments in nursing but is a tribute to this wise, wonderful, and unforgettable teacher and mentor. At the gala, I was seated with 6 other people whose lives were similarly touched by Ann--the stories were amazing. "

In addition to her research activities, Professor Spross is actively engaged in university activities, currently serving as coordinator for the Faculty Commons initiatives at USM. She has also served as Chairperson of the USM Research Council and Dean of the (former) College of Nursing and Health Professions.

 “Professor Spross was Dean when I came to USM in 2009,” adds Dr. Krista Meinersmann, Director of the USM School of Nursing, “Her leadership and guidance helped me to be successful during my first year. She has been engaged in multiple projects within the School of Nursing, the University and Community at large.  Her work reflects the visionary leadership for which she was recognized.”

PHOTO: Professor Judith Spross (in the middle on the right in turquoise) behind her mentor and co-editor Ann Hamric (blue) and in front of a colleague, Patrick Coyne and fellow graduate (class of 1977), Martha Gibbons.