School of Nursing

Sagamore Health Clinic


Abbey Darus, MPH, MS, RN

The School of Nursing has had a collaborative partnership with the residents of Sagamore Village since 1991. A Portland public housing community, Sagamore Village houses approximately 500 low income residents of all ages living in 200 units. The Sagamore Health Resource Center is a community-based nurse managed clinic that provides primary care, public health, and mental health services to the residents. The Center is managed by faculty from the School of Nursing in collaboration with the residents, Portland Housing Authority, and Maine Medical Center. Students work with residents of varied ages, cultural backgrounds, and states of health. Students have opportunities to advocate for residents with other providers, such as physicians, home care and public health nurses, and social agency staff. In partnership with Sagamore residents, students assess community needs and develop community-based interventions. Over the past several years, the School of Nursing has developed a partnership of mutual trust and respect with the people of Sagamore Village.


  • To increase primary health care and community-based services
  • To provide clinical experiences for students, focusing on a culturally diverse and vulnerable population.

Student Learning Activities

  • Assessment and screening, case management, education, referral and consultation, group project work
  • A Nursing Student previously assigned to the Sagamore Partnership wrote a summary of her experiences there and addressed it to students who may be considering Sagamore as their partnership.

Collaborative Partners

  • Tenants Council
  • Residents
  • Portland School Nurses
  • Portland Public Health
  • Maine Medical Center
  • Portland Housing Authority

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