School of Nursing

Susan Sepples PhD, RN

Associate Professor of Nursing
Susan Sepples PhD, RN


229 Masterton Hall, Portland, 162N LAC Campus

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 753-6589


BS in Nursing Duke University School of Nursing 1983

MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist Track in Pulmonary Critical Care, University of Virginia 1993

PhD in Nursing and Women’s Health, University of Virginia 1996

Dissertation (1996) on the lived experience of women with HIV: Awarded the 1995 Brodie Scholarship

Certification:  CCRN 1986-present  CNL 2009

Scholarship, service and teaching (Jan 2005-Jan 2010)

Presentations 2005-2009

Sepples, S.B. (2009, April) 2009 Maine Summit, Augusta, Maine. Highlights of the Fall 2008 survey of Maine Nursing Education Programs (Invited presentation of  survey research)

Sepples, S.B. (2008, October) Maine State Human Resources Association  Highlights of the Fall 2007 Survey of Maine Nursing Education Programs (Invited presentation of  survey research)

Sepples, S.B. (2008, April) Evidence Based Practice at Mercy Hospital: A day long symposium on creating clinical scholars. Invited speaker

Sepples, S. B. (March, 2008)  2008 Maine Summit, Augusta, Maine. Highlights of the Fall 2007 Survey of Maine Nursing Education Programs (Invited presentation of  survey research)

Kirschling, J.M., Howard, P., M. Wiggins, M., & Sepples, S. (2008, February). Highlights and Pitfalls: Transitioning Toward the CNL and DNP (University of Southern Maine and University of Kentucky Experiences). AACN 2008 Master's Education Conference, Newport Beach, CA    

Sepples, S. B. (October 2007) ANA Maine: Maine Nursing Excellence, Portland Maine (invited speaker). Evidence Based Practice: Implications for Nursing Excellence.                                                                        

Sepples, S. B. (June, 2007). Simulation User Network Meeting, Ledyard, Connecticut. (Invited Speaker). The NLN/Laerdal Study and Where We are ow.                                                                                                    

Sepples, S. B. (March, 2007)  2007 Maine Summit, Augusta, Maine. Highlights of the Fall 2006 Survey of Maine Nursing Education Programs (presentation of survey research prepared by Dr. Marianne Rodgers) 

Research Interests

I was educated as a clinical nurse specialist in critical care.  I have maintained CCRN certification since 1986 through clinical practice in critical care.  My research and my teaching are influenced by my experiences as staff nurse for over 25 years.  I have been most interested in the introduction of technology as a way to bridge the classroom and the clinical experiences for undergraduate and graduate nursing students.  I have been involved in developing simulation in the lab and the classroom, piloting experiences for undergraduates in the eICU and am currently involved in the introduction of a second life initiative into the curriculum.  I have also been engaged in community based research and service.  In 1996 I published a hermeneutic study on the lived experiences of women with HIV in the rural south.   This work has led to a passion for serving the health needs of the working poor.  I have been working in the Bayside community with undergraduate students for 7 years.   My service has been at both the local and state level where I developed an on-going collaboration between directors of nursing programs across the state.  I am currently co-chair of the Partners in Education and Practice (PEP), a consortium of nursing leaders engaged in creating a statewide initiative to assess and address the gap between education and practice.  This sabbatical year I am working on a local initiative with Maine Medical Center, I am president elect of my local chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses,  and  I am working on a book about my 25 years in critical care.

Recent Publications

Childs, J., Sepples, S. & Chambers, K. Designing Simulation for Nursing Education (2009) In Simulation for Nursing Education from Conceptualization to Evaluation. P. Jeffries ed. NLN Publishers.

Sepples, S. (2005). Teaching the clinical scholar student. Excellence in Nursing Knowledge: Voices of Evidence in Nursing(6)