School of Nursing

Susan Sepples Ph.D., MSN, RN

Associate Professor of Nursing
Sue Sepples, Lecturer in Nursing

Office Location

229 Masterton Hall, Portland Campus, 162N Lewiston Campus


(207) 780-4535 (office); (207) 939-9592 (cell)

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. Nursing and Women's Health, University of Virginia, 1996
  • M.S. Nursing, University of Virginia, 1993 (Clinical specialist; critical care)
  • B.S. Nursing, Duke University, 1983


Dr. Su Sepples is a practicing critical care nurse, a community-and-home-health advocate, and an expert teacher with over 30 years at the bedside, 20 years in community work, and over 20 years in the classroom. Her scholarly work is focused on nursing workforce both from an academic viewpoint (what does the new nurse need to know —and how does she or he learn it) and from a practice viewpoint (what keeps nurses at the bedside or in the community).

Sepples' service work is directly related to her practice in critical care as a longtime board member of the Southern Maine Chapter of The American Association of Critical Care, and the community as a longtime member of the professional advisory committee and board at Maine Health Care at Home.

Further she is working on statewide programs to improve the transition from new graduate to expert nurse (Lunder Dineen Preceptor Program Advisory Board). Her research is on the longitudinal minimum data set on faculty and students in Maine's nursing programs and on expert teaching for a new generation of nurses.

Areas of Expertise

  • Pulmonary critical care nursing
  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Neurological critical care nursing
  • Trauma nursing
  • High acuity nursing
  • Community-based primary prevention
  • Partnership nursing
  • Teaching for the 21st century
  • Hermeneutic research methods
  • HIV primary and secondary prevention
  • End of life care.
  • Nursing Workforce in Maine
  • Maine’s Statewide Preceptor Education
  • Strategies for creative teaching

Research Interests

  • Maine’s Nursing Workforce

Areas of Scholarship

  • Nursing Workforce
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing of vulnerable populations


  • Dr. Sepples presents on Maine nursing workforce data, on teaching, and on clinical concepts in high acuity nursing
  • Components of the CCRN (pulmonary, hematologic), taught every other year at the regional critical care conference (Horizons)
  • Presentations of Maine’s Faculty Workforce (statewide meetings on Maine’s Nursing Workforce)
  • Presenter at Lunder Dineen’s Statewide Nursing Preceptor Conference
  • Maine Calling (radio program on Maine’s nursing crisis) 

Creative Activity

  • Developing creative pedagogy

Awards and Recognition

  • Invited speaker at USM Nursing Convocation 2018
  • Faculty Senate Award for University Service 

Professional Activity

  • Continued practice at the bedside
  • Board member for over 10 years and former executive board member at Maine Health at Home (formerly Home Health VNS)
  • Board member at large at Southern Maine Chapter of AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses)
  • Advisory Board, Lunder Dineen
  • Faculty Senator and executive committee member
  • Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee at USM SON
  • USM SON Peer Review Committee member