School of Nursing

Undergraduate Program Student Learning Outcomes

The baccalaureate graduate will:

1. Apply knowledge from the biological, physical, and social sciences, and the arts and humanities as a foundation for compassionate professional nursing practice in a complex and global world.

2. Demonstrate professional accountability, ethical behaviors and leadership skills as a contributing member of the nursing profession.

3. Demonstrate effective use of technology and information systems to communicate, manage knowledge, minimize error and to support evidenced based decision making for safe nursing practice.

4. Apply knowledge of individual, family and community preferences, values and needs to provide culturally competent, patient centered care across the lifespan.

5. Utilize knowledge of changing healthcare systems to improve quality of care, manage resources, and function effectively within nursing and interdisciplinary care teams.

6. Utilize clinical reasoning to provide age appropriate, patient centered care for vulnerable populations (including older adults) in a variety of settings.

Approved by SON Faculty 2/12/2015