School of Nursing

What else you should know about Practicum


"You can work full time while you do practicum."
ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! You have hopefully known from the beginning that the number of hours and seminar requirements make it nearly impossible to work the last 7 weeks. The work schedule MUST be the preceptor's schedule and cannot be made around your work schedule. Hopefully, you have been preparing for this over the past year or so, but if not, you need to have a conversation with your employer about your decreased flexibility and availability those last seven weeks right now.

There really is no "wiggle-room" here----so be aware and plan accordingly.

2.    Please note! Everyone is entitled to change their minds about what they want to do and where they want to go to practice, but the more times you change, the more difficult it might be to get the choices you want!! So be thoughtful and measured in making your requests---and we'll do what we can to get it for you.

3.    Please consult your advisor or course faculty for further assistance. You can find their e-mail addresses by going to the faculty listing.