Occupational Therapy

Course Schedule & Program Book List

MOT Summer 2021 Course Schedule

Below you will find the MOT Program Book List. This list includes all books purchased during your time in the program, though faculty may also provide supplemental materials for courses at no cost to the student.

This is not an exhaustive list of all materials used throughout the program.

The first course in which each book is purchased has been bolded.


**Please note that many books are used in multiple classes, all material is pulled forward, and all main books for courses will be needed to study for the NBCOT exam upon graduation. Any book on this list may be used as a reference in any course throughout the program.


Course(s) Book Title Author(s) Edition ISBN Notes
501, 506 - all courses Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy Boyt Schell, B.A., Gillen, G., Scaffa, M. & Cohn, E.S. 13th 9781975106584

Referenced in nearly all classes. New 13th edition for fall 2019.

502, 518, 603/606 Applied Theories in Occupational Therapy: A Practical Approach Cole, M.B. & Tufano, R. 2nd 9781617116360     
502, 608, 614/617 Lifestyle Redesign®: The Intervention Tested in the USC Well Elderly Studies Clark, F.A. 2nd 9781569003596  
503 The Intentional Relationship Taylor, R. 2nd 9780803669772 May be referenced in other classes
501, 502, 503 - all courses Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain & Process (OTPF-4) Available to download through AOTA website only 4th N/A Referenced in nearly all classes
504, 512, 616 Research in Occupational Therapy Kielhofner, G. 2nd 9780803640375  
504, 512, 616 The Evidence-Based Practitioner: Applying Research to Meet Client Needs Brown, C. 1st 9780803643666  
505/508, 518 Occupational Therapy in Mental Health: A Vision for Participation Brown, C., Stoffel, V.C. & Munoz, J.P. 2nd 9780803659162  
506, 505/508, 602/609, 603/606, 604/607, 614/617, 615/619 Documentation Manual for Occupational Therapy: Writing SOAP Notes Gateley and Borcherding 4th 9781630912314 Used in all practice classes
506, 605, 616 Leading & Managing Occupational Therapy Services: An Evidence-Based Approach Braveman, B.H.  2nd 9780803643659  
507 Culture and Occupation Wells, Black, and Gupta 3rd 9781569003718 May be referenced in other classes
507 The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Fadiman -- 9780374525644  
507 Ethical Dimensions in Health Professions Purtillo & Doherty 6th 9780323328920 May be referenced in other classes
514/515, 602/609 Trail Guide to Movement: Building the Body in Motion Biel, A. 2nd 9780998785059 Not required for 602-609, but recommended
514/515, 602/609 Trail Guide to the Body: A Hands-On Guide to Locating Muscles, Bones, and More Biel, A. 6th 9780998785066 Not required for 602-609, but recommended


The Mechanics and Pathomechanics of Human Movement  Oatis, C.A. 3rd 9781451191561  
514/515, 603/606, 602/609, 614/617 Pedretti's Occupational Therapy Practice Skills for Physical Dysfunction McHugh Pendleton, H. & Schultz-Krohn, W. 8th 9780323339278  
514/515, 603/606, 602/609, 614/617 Occupational Therapy in Acute Care Smith-Gabai, H. & Holm, S.E. 2nd 9781569003930  
518 Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: The Theorectical Basis and Practice Application of Group Intervention Cole, M. 5th


May be referenced in other classes
520/521, 602/609, 603/606, 614/617 Screening Adult Neurologic Populations: A Step-by-Step Instruction Manual Schonfeld, A.B. & Gutman, S. 3rd 9781569004661  
520/521, 602/609, 603/606, 604/607, 614/617, 615/619 Neuroscience Lundy-Ekman, L. 5th 9780323478410  
604/607, 615/619 Kids Can Be Kids Lane, S. & Bundy, A. 1st 9780803612280  
604/607, 615/619 Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents Case-Smith, J. & Clifford O'Brien, J. 8th 9780323512633  
608 No Textbook- Course Pack Will Be Provided N/A N/A N/A  
603/606, 604/607, 602/609 Occupational Therapy Toolkit Hall, C. 7th 9781948726009  
602/609 Fundamentals of Hand Therapy: Clinical Reasoning & Treatment  Cooper 3rd  9780323524797  
614/617 Functional Performance in Older Adults Bonder & Dal Bello-Haas 4th 9780803646056