Occupational Therapy

Forms & Additional Information

Additional forms can be found by visiting the Office of Registration & Scheduling Services webpage


Prerequisite Courses Additional Information

1. AP Courses

If using an AP credit to fulfill a prerequisite course, the credit must have been completed within 6 years of applying to the program and applicants must complete a petition form for the Program Director to review. Acceptance of AP credits for prerequisite courses will be at the discretion of the Program Director. An AP credit score of 4 is equivalent to a B grade at the college level.

2. Equivalency Exams

If you received less than a 'B' in any of the prerequisite courses listed below or the related course is outside of the 6 year timeframe, you may take a CLEP, DSST, or UExcel equivalency exam (see the Office for Prior Learning Assessment for more information) and score the equivalent of a 'B' or higher

  • CLEP exam for Human Growth & Development or Introduction to Sociology - score of 58 or higher
  • DSST exam for Principles of Statistics or Lifespan Development Psychology - score of 434 or higher
  • UExcel exam for Abnormal Psychology, Lifespan Development Psychology, or Anatomy & Physiology (lecture only) - test results are expressed as a letter grade of A, B, C, or F

3. Other options for Prerequisites with a Grade Lower than a 'B'

Students scoring lower than a 'B' on prerequisite courses should plan to retake the course (and score a 'B' or higher), take an equivalency exam, or complete a petition form showing that the necessary skills and knowledge has been learned via work and/or life skills or other coursework completed.

4. Acceptable Substitutes for Specific Prerequisites

  • Intro to Sociology may be substituted with an upper level (200+) SOC or SBS course
  • SCI 150 Physics and Biomechanics (3 credits) may be taken at USM for the Physics prerequisite, no lab required
  • UNE students may substitute CHE 125 Intro to Chemistry & Physics for the Physics prerequisite
  • UMO students should note that BIO 208 Anatomy and Physiology fulfills BOTH the A&P I with lab and A&P II with lab requirements (please refer to the Transfer Equivalencies page in Mainestreet)

5. Prerequisite Courses Offered at USM

All prerequisites can be taken at USM or through the University of Maine System. The courses listed below are various options available to fulfill the MOT prerequisite courses, along with the semester they are typically taught. Please refer to Mainestreet for the current semester's course listing.

  • Medical Terminology
    • SCI 140 Medical Terminology (summer, online)
  • Introduction to Sociology
    • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (every semester)
  • Neuroscience
    • BIO 321 Neurobiology (fall)
    • SBS 390 Brain and Behavior (variable, online)
    • SCI 470 Neurophysiology (summer)
    • PSY 365 Physiological Psychology (fall and spring)
      • PSY 446 Psychobiology (UMPI - online)
      • PSY 315 Physiological Psychology (UMF - online)
      • BIO 202 Biological Basis of Behavior (UMA - online)
      • PSY 442 Physiological Psychology (UMM - online)
  • Multicultural Human Development (Developmental Psychology)
    • SBS/HRD 200 Multicultural Human Development (every semester)
    • PSY 220 Psychology of the Lifespan (every semester)
  • Statistics
    • LOS 120 Statistics for Informed Decision Making (every semester)
    • MAT 120 Introduction to Statistics (every semester)
    • PSY 201 Statistics in Psychology (fall and spring)
  • Abnormal Psychology
    • SBS 303 Abnormal Psychology (every semester)
    • PSY 233 Abnormal Psychology (fall and spring)
  • Introduction to Physics with Lab
    • SCI 150 Physics and Biomechanics (spring)
    • PHY 101/102 Introduction to Physics w/Lab (variable)
    • PHY 111/114 Elements of Physics I w/Lab (variable)
  • Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab
    • SCI 170/171 Human Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab (fall and summer)
    • BIO 111/112 Human Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab (fall and summer)
  • Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab
    • SCI 172/173 Human Anatomy and Physiology II w/Lab (spring and summer)
    • BIO 113/114 Human Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab (spring and summer)