Occupational Therapy

Student Fieldwork Resources

The MOT program at the University of Southern Maine includes the opportunity for students to engage in five separate fieldwork experiences throughout the curriculum. Students will complete three level I experiences, which occur concurrently with their coursework. These experiences take place in both community and clinical settings, highlighting traditional and non-traditional sites for occupational therapy.

Students are required to complete two 12-week level II fieldwork experiences at the completion of their coursework. These fieldwork experiences are supervised by an occupational therapist and provide an intensive application of the knowledge learned throughout the program. The MOT program maintains active contracts with a variety of sites locally, nationally, and internationally.


Information for Students

Students should prepare for fieldwork by first reviewing the Fieldwork Manual and then following the instructions for uploading documents into CastleBranch. Accounts will be established during new student orientation but students should refer to these instructions with any questions. Most of the clinical requirements will need to be renewed on an annual basis.


1. Purchase a Nametag (full first and last name) using this template for USM MOT students - this will be used throughout the program

2. Establish your CastleBranch account - order background checks, medical document manager (to review requirements), eLearning (HIPAA training), or drug screen

3. Review immunization requirements - check with your doctor and schedule immunizations as needed

4. Review the Maine Department of Education fingerprinting instructions and schedule your appointment
        a. Complete the Application Approval Form and send in along with the $15 fee
        b. Register with an IdentoGO site to have your fingerprints processed - $55 fee
        c. Check your Application Status and take a screen shot to upload to CastleBranch once approved
        d. Application processing can take up to 10 weeks depending on the time of year - plan accordingly

5. Review the E*Value Student Instruction Manual and get familiar with the software
        a. Understand how to accurately log hours
        b. Understand how to pull reports to view your site and evaluations completed about you
        c. Understand how to find information about potential sites

6. Complete your online training for Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control
a. Go to http://maineinfectionpreventionforum.org and establish your account
        b. Select the continuing education modules: Biological Hazards; Bloodborne Pathogens for Clinical Staff
        c. Save each completion certificate to be uploaded into CastleBranch

7. Complete the Challenging Behaviors training module
        a. Save the completion certificate to be uploaded into CastleBranch

8. Complete the HIPAA training via the eLearning module in CastleBranch
        a. Purchased as part of your full package when establishing your CastleBranch account
        b. Renewed annually via CastleBranch (available mid-June each year)

9. Schedule your CPR training for Healthcare Professionals - must cover infants, children, and adults. The school has contact information for a certified CPR instructor who will provide on-site training for a group of students, if there is enough interest. All fees are paid for by the student.
        a. American Heart Association's Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Professionals
        b. American Red Cross's Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers
        c. Upload both sides of your signed CPR card or certificate to CastleBranch

Ordering a repeat background check - Return to the USM MOT CastleBranch homepage and click on Place an Order. Select the package for the Background Check only. Use the same email address as when you first established your account.

Renewing your CHRC card - Visit the Maine Department of Education's certification renewal website to create your account and renew your Ed Tech certification. Follow the instructions CLOSELY as you do not need to complete all 15 steps. If your background check is not current, you may need to order a new background check before the state will issue your recertification.

Renewing your Bloodborne Pathogens or Infection Control training - Return to the website and log in using your established username and password. Unenroll yourself from the Biological Hazards and Bloodborne Pathogens for Clinical Staff training modules through the My Courses dropdown list. Re-enroll yourself in those same modules. Complete the training and upload the certificate to CastleBranch. Email the USM Muskie School with any issues.

Renewing your HIPAA training - Return to the USM MOT CastleBranch homepage and click on Place an Order. Select the package for eLearning only. Use the same email address as when you first established your account. Complete the training via the eLearning module to maintain compliance.

Renewing your CPR certification - Certification renewals can be done fully online or students may elect to retake the full class. Renewal certifications will be accepted from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and through ProCPR online, which follows the AHA's guidelines for certification.


Reference Materials

Level I Fieldwork Learning Objectives

Level II Fieldwork Learning Objectives - may be adapted to meet the needs of a particular site

Sample Level I Student Evaluation

Sample Level II Student Evaluation - AOTA Performance Evaluation


Out of State Fieldwork Experiences

During Level II Fieldwork, some students elect to travel out of state for their placement. State laws require permission for out-of-state students to participate in on-site educational experiences. 

For students wishing to complete a fieldwork experience in another state, an out-of-state authorization form must be completed with the  USM's Career & Employment Hub. Please complete the State Authorization Form and send to susan.noyes@maine.edu for forwarding to the UMS state authorization staff member. NOTE: prior authorization can take 8-12 weeks, so plan ahead. Please contact usmcareers@maine.edu if you have further questions regarding your out of state fieldwork experience.

State Licensing

SARA does not cover approval for licensed professions and does not handle professional licensing board approval. Students must seek out individual state licensing requirements for occupational therapy practice, as requirements may vary from state to state. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has resources available to assist you in obtaining a license in a particular state. For more information on obtaining state licensure, please click here

Professional Licensure Disclosure Statement

Eligibility for licensure and/or certification may involve more than successful degree completion. The University of Southern Maine cannot confirm that its courses or degree programs meet the requirements for professional licensure outside of the State of Maine. The University of Southern Maine strongly encourages prospective and current students to contact the appropriate or applicable licensing board(s) in states they may wish to pursue licensure prior to beginning study in the Master of Occupational Therapy program. If you experience difficulty finding the licensure requirements for your state, please contact the MOT Program Director for assistance.