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ConnectED Pathways

What is ConnectED Pathways?

ConnectED Pathways is an innovative partnership between the University of Southern Maine and each of three community colleges: Southern Maine Community College, Central Maine Community College, and York County Community College. ConnectED Pathways provides students from selected academic programs at these community colleges a smooth and simple transfer path to compatible programs at USM upon completion of their associate degree.

Who will qualify for ConnectED Pathways?

Students who are accepted to and graduate from SMCC, CMCC, or YCCC per the following Articulation Agreements are assured of streamlined admission to corresponding programs at USM.

If your program is not yet listed, USM and the community colleges’ staff are working together to expand ConnectED Pathways.

Students graduating from an Accredited Associates Degree in Nursing, with their RN Licence, must have a Transfer GPA of a 2.5 or better to qualify for guaranteed admission into USM's RN-BS program in Nursing. 

How does ConnectED Pathways work?

SMCC, CCCC, and YCCC will notify all eligible students of their eligibility for ConnectED Pathways. These community colleges and USM will provide advising and support services to ConnectED Pathways students to prepare them for transfer to USM. Students who complete the requirements for their program with a grade of C or higher in each of their program courses, while maintaining an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher, will be admitted as a rising junior to USM’s corresponding academic program. In addition, USM will waive any application and application fee requirements for ConnectED Pathways students who transfer to USM.

What are the benefits of ConnectED Pathways?

Students of the community colleges mentioned above will able to transfer seamlessly to USM in selected programs that will prepare them for successful careers in high-demand and emerging industries.

ConnectED Pathways students will not have to go through the USM application process to be admitted.

ConnectED Pathways students will save time and money by ensuring they complete only necessary credits towards their bachelor’s degree.

ConnectED Pathways students will receive guidance through a designated USM employee whose responsibilities will include providing information, answering all questions, easing the transition to USM, guiding students in any way they need, and advising them along their way to receiving their bachelor’s degree.

ConnectED Pathways students who file their Intent to Enroll form with the USM Admissions Office before the priority deadline will go through the Priority Registration course selection process at the same time as their peers at USM.