Office of Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions - Graduate Admissions

Q. Can I send in my application materials (i.e.: transcripts, test scores) before I submit my application?
A. Yes, you can send in any application materials before you submit your online application. We will keep the materials on file until we receive your application.

Q. Can I receive a copy of the application and/or admission forms in the mail?

A. No, the application process is entirely online and paper applications are not accepted. This includes the recommendation form, program selection forms, and other required forms. All forms and application instructions can be found on our Apply to USM page. 


Q. What happens if I don’t see my program listed on the application?
A. Please make sure to double check the term that you are applying for. If the term does not match up with the program the program will not show up.  For example, the ETEP program only accepts for summer admission. If the term selected is fall or spring, ETEP may not show up as an option.

Q. What is the difference between a Certificate of Graduate Study and a Certificate of Advanced Study?
A. A Certificate of Graduate Study does not require a post-baccalaureate degree. In this case, there are no recommendation letters required and you have the option of submitting copies of your transcripts. These certificates usually require only several classes. A Certificate of Advanced Study requires that the applicant holds a post-baccalaureate degree. The application process is the same as if you were applying to a degree program.

Q. How do I check the status of my application?
A. Once we receive your application you will be sent information on how to activate your MaineStreet account. Once your account is set up you can log on and check the status of your application in your Student Center under the Admission tab. Please see your "To Do List" for materials we are missing and be sure to click on the links for more information regarding what transcripts or letters of recommendation might be missing. If you are having trouble activating your account or logging on to MaineStreet please contact the USM Help Desk at (207) 780-4029.

Q. How do I self report my test scores?
At the conclusion of the exam your preliminary test scores will flash on the screen. If you would like to self report your scores please write those scores down and e-mail them to us. Please be sure to request official copies of your test scores as well. 

Q. Can I change or add a recommender? 
A. Yes, you may change or add a recommender using the electronic letter of recommendation system that is tied to the online application at any time.   

*Please note that the Nursing programs and the Leadership Studies program only require 2 letters of recommendation. All other programs require 3. 

Q. What makes a transcript official?
A. A transcript is official when it comes directly from the institution. If an applicant is submitting an official transcript, it must be in a sealed envelope from the institution indicating that it is an official document. If the envelope has been opened prior to arriving at the Office of Graduate Admissions, it is no longer considered an official transcript.

Q. Where can I find the Documentation of Professional Experience (aka CEHD Teacher Credential Summary form) form?
A. SEHD Teacher Credential Summary form. Please note the programs that require this form.

Q. Who do I contact about course information or curriculum?
A. Please contact the appropriate department for course information and curriculum.

Q. Who do I talk to about financial aid?
A. The Student Financial Services Office will be happy to answer your financial aid questions.


Q. What does matriculated mean?
A. The term matriculated means that you have been accepted and enrolled into a degree program.

Q. Can I take a class as a non-matriculated student?
A. Yes, you can take a class as a non-matriculated student. Be sure to check the class requirements as some classes require that you be a matriculated student or that you have the appropriate prerequisites. You may also want to contact the appropriate department, for the reason that some have certain requirements.

Q. How do I register as a non-matriculated student?
A. New students should call 207-780-5230 or submit a Request to Register. Current students can register 24 hours a day during registration periods by logging into MaineStreet.

Q. Do I need to send the Admission Reply Form back?
A. Yes, everyone needs to send the Admission Reply Form back. If you are accepting admission it is very important to send the form back promptly so we can matriculate you. If you are not matriculated you will not be able to register for classes or receive financial aid. If you are rejecting admission it is also important to send the form back. This will open up spots for applicants on the waiting list.