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Undergraduate Certificate Application

Welcome! The undergraduate certificate programs we offer at the University of Southern Maine (USM) provide you with a solid foundation in a chosen area of study and a variety of career fields. These certificates can be pursued in conjunction with a degree program or independently.

When pursued independently, undergraduate certificates are considered “non-matriculated programs” and do not qualify for federal financial aid or scholarships. If interested in a bachelor’s degree, please apply here.

International students who wish to come to USM and study on a student visa cannot enroll only in a certificate program. USM’s Undergraduate certificate programs are not eligible for a student visa (I-20) or scholarships. Please do not complete this application if you are interested in applying as an international student to USM. Please go to the application for undergraduate admission.

Whether you are a new or continuing student at USM, please complete this application.

We recommend reviewing the application requirements for your intended program prior to completing this application — you may need to submit additional materials. If you have any questions, the Admissions team is ready to help.

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Academic History
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You can also send transcripts or other supporting materials to:
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