Office of Admissions

USM Ambassadors

Our USM Ambassadors will be your tour guides. Like our student body, these student ambassadors range from energetic first-year students to accomplished graduating seniors; from transfer students to working adults. These students bring with them their own unique stories, experiences, and skills to help you find yourself here.

Interested in becoming a USM Ambassador? Email Julia Gurney, Associate Director of Visits & Events.


Meet the USM Ambassador team:





 Abedom Gebreyesus '21

Abedom Gebreyesus ‘21

Major: Health Science
Minor: Psychology and Holistic Health 
Hometown: Lynn, MA
High School: Lynn English High School

About Me: I am optimistic and passionate about everything I do!
Why USM?: USM has changed my life for the better, in other words, I believe USM chose me.
Campus Involvement: USM Ambassadors 


Ali Cottrell '23

Ali Cottrell ‘23

Major: Nursing
Minor: Biology 
Hometown: Old Town, ME 
High School: Brewer High School 

About Me: I love being outdoors and getting know people on a daily basis. Many of my hobbies include playing sports, hiking, skiing, and playing guitar as well!
Why USM?: I picked USM because I felt like I was home here when I first toured the campus. I loved the nursing school when I first saw it and I still love it today and I’m so happy I picked USM
Campus Involvement: USM’s Women’s Soccer, USM Student-Athlete Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Committee 


Amber Nowlan '24

Amber Nowlan ‘24 

Major: Social Work 
Minor: N/A
Hometown: Fitchburg, MA 
High School: Oakmont Regional High School 

About Me: Avid skateboard enthusiast mixed with a crippling anime addiction and adhd
Why USM?: I got a really great vibe from campus and a great social work program! 
Campus Involvement: Social Work Student Organization



Antoine Gignac '24

Antoine Gignac ‘24

Major: Business Management 
Minor: n/a
Hometown: Quebec City, CN 
High School: Séminaire St-Francois

About Me: I have a passion for sports and outdoor activities. I play hockey and tennis at USM, and my favorite sports team is the Montreal Canadien!
Why USM?: When I visited USM's campuses  with my dad, the facilites, culture, and community convinced me that USM is the was the right choice for me.
Campus Involvement: USM Mens Hockey, Resident Assistant 



Bri Demaso '23

Bri Demaso ‘23 

Major: Business Management and Marketing  
Minor: Theatre
Hometown: Brewer, ME 
High School: Brewer High School 

About Me: I absolutely ADORE making necklaces and color-coded spreadsheets. Around campus, I am known for my bubbly personality, the amount of on and off campus jobs I work, and my colorful sense of style.
Why USM?: I chose USM for the opportunity of inclusivity and a true passion for student success. The opportunities here are endless with a plethora of resources to help you succeed. Additionally, I love the smaller class sizes as you have the option to get to know your professor and classmates personally, which I find makes learning easier.
Campus Involvement: 2021-2022 Student Body Vice President and At-Large Senator. Chair of the Public Relations Committee, Student Senate. Lead Orientation Leader. 


Ellen Kester '22

Ellen Kester ‘22 

Major: Nursing
Minor: Biology, Holistic and Integrative Health 
Hometown: Londonderry, NH 
High School: Londonderry High School 

About Me: I love to spend time outdoors exploring downtown Portland and Cape Elizabeth. On campus, I enjoy studying outside, going to hockey games, and hanging out with my sorority sisters. At home, I love to spend time with my chocolate lab Jefferson!
Why USM?: I love USM because I was able to live in rural Gorham, enjoying the amazing Fall we have in Maine, and commute to the city of Portland where the endless restaurants feed the foodie in me!
Campus Involvement: Off-campus Sorority, Student Ambassador, Orientation Leader and Lead Orientation Leader



Emily Colby '22

Emily Colby ‘22 

Major: Health Sciences, Accelerated Masters of Occupational Therapy Pathway
Minor: Art 
Hometown: Lyndon, VT
High School: Lyndon Institute 

About Me: I am a senior, I live in Upperclass Hall and work as a resident assistant. I love to run, do yoga, and anything outside. Fun fact: I road tripped to Colorado this summer and lived out there working with children as a paddle boarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking institute.
Why USM?: I chose USM for the accelerated Masters of Occupational Therapy program and location, I love southern Maine area.
Campus Involvement: I ran Track and Field and XC for three years, and I work as an RA.



Fantasia Perez '22

Fantasia Perez ‘22 

Major: Psychology 
Minor: Criminology, Honors 
Hometown: Winthrop, ME 
High School: Winthrop High School 

About Me: I currently live on campus with 3 roommates. I enjoy watching horror movies and going shopping with my friends but I also love reading historical fiction and spending time with my little sister in my free time.
Why USM?: I chose USM because it was far enough from home to be independent, but close enough to home if I needed something. I also chose USM because I got a very good financial aid package to come here.
Campus Involvement: I'm a Learning Assistant for PSY 100, President of the Honors Student Organization, and secretary for the Psychology Club.




Hannah Hart '22

Hannah Hart ‘22 

Major: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Minor: Tourism and Hospitality, Honors 
Hometown: Newmarket, NH and South Berwick, ME  
High School: Newmarket Jr/Sr High School 

About Me: I am a senior here at USM, and when I am not working in Admissions, I am also an RA here in Phillipi Hall. I also love to ski, and winter is my favorite season.
Why USM?: The main reason why I choose USM was for the welcoming community. When coming onto campus I instantaneously felt at home, and like I could be myself here. Financially USM was also the best fit for me.
Campus Involvement: I am an RA here on campus in Phillipi Hall. I am also the Vice President of the Honors Student Organization here on campus.



Hannah Lowell '23

Hannah Lowell ‘23 

Major: Communication 
Minor: Tourism and Hospitality 
Hometown: Gorham, ME 
High School: Gorham High School 

About Me: I am a junior at USM and I like to have game nights with my friends! I also love to go on off campus adventures with them!
Why USM?: I liked how close I was to my family and I was able to stay at my job off-campus. My mom also went here and I wanted to go as well!
Campus Involvement: I am Clerk of the 50th Student Senate, an Orientation Leader and am Director of Student Life



Jadyn Cunningham '24

Jadyn Cunningham ‘24 

Major: Nursing
Minor: Biology, Holistic and Integrative Health 
Hometown: Barrington, NH 
High School: Oyster River High School 

About Me: I am someone who will do anything to help those I love, and being there for those who need  a little more light in their life. I cannot wait to carry this with me into the nursing field and make an impact on the world, one patient at a time.
Why USM?: USM opened doors for an incredibly reputable and affordable nursing education that will allow me to care for patients to the best of my ability, while also allowing me to get involved and be active on campus so I can leave a lasting impact on my community along the way.
Campus Involvement: Orientation leading, SAAC, Varsity Softball, and now Ambassadors!



Johanna Daigle '24

Johanna Daigle ‘24 

Major: Health Sciences, Accelerated pathway for Athletic Training Masters 
Minor: Coaching 
Hometown: Ashburnham, MA 
High School: Oakmont Regional High School 

About Me: I am a two sport student athlete who loves helping people. Outside of school I love working on my small art business, adventuring with friends, and spending time with my family.
Why USM?: The welcoming community, amazing academic offerings, academic-based athletic programs, and affordability
Campus Involvement: SACC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee), Women’s Field Hockey, Women’s Track and Field, Learning Assistant




Jonathan Bartuccio-Pereira '22

Jonathan Bartuccio-Pereira ‘22

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: n/a
Hometown: St. Bruno, Quebec, Canada
High School: 

About Me:
Why USM?: 
Campus Involvement: 



Kameron Ali '24

Kameron Ali ‘24 

Major: Health Sciences, Accelerated pathway for Occupational Therapy Masters (MOT) 
Minor: Holistic and Integrative Health 
Hometown: Cumberland Center, ME 
High School: Falmouth High School 

About Me: I'm a Mainer at heart! You'll typically find me outside walking about campus, enjoying downtown Portland, or hanging with friends. I am a Pakistani in STEM enjoying the variety of resources USM has to offer!
Why USM?: I was very attracted to USM's multi-campus modality. This school offered an accelerated pathway for my degree, which will allow me to enter the OT field earlier, ultimately gearing me towards success. USM made the most sense for me due to the variety of student engagement services, peer mentors, and flexible learning structures.
Campus Involvement: USM Student Ambassador, Residential Assistant (RA).



Katherine Sullivan '22

Katherine Sullivan ‘22

Major: Environmental Science 
Minor: Music Performance, Honors 
Hometown: Gorham, ME  
High School: Cheverus High School  

About Me: I love being outdoors and adventuring whether on the ocean, lake, or in the mountains.
Why USM?: The flexibility of scheduling classes at USM, the affordability, and the excellence in science faculty helped me choose USM for my undergraduate degree!
Campus Involvement: Southern Maine Symphony Orchestra, University Concert Band, ambassador for Sunday River ski resort for the university.



Maverick Lynes '22

Maverick Lynes ‘22

Major: English, Communication 
Minor: Education, Public Relations 
Hometown: Christina Lake, British Columbia, CN 
High School: Louis St. Laurent

About Me: I have a love for hockey, hiking and would never turn down a Broadway show!
Why USM?: I chose USM because of the hockey program and the programs that were offered matched my passions. I also love everything the Portland Area has to offer.
Campus Involvement: Men’s Ice Hockey, Student Athlete Advisory Committee



Nick Ritmo '23

Nick Ritmo ‘23

Major: History, Teacher Education Pathway 
Minor: Coaching 
Hometown: Niskayuna, NY 
High School: Niskayuna High School

About Me: I’m a junior on the men’s ice hockey team, I’m a RA in upper class. I like to rollerblade and go for bike rides now and also love playing golf.
Why USM?: I loved the area with Portland as well as having the two campuses.
Campus Involvement: Resident Assistant, Men’s Ice Hockey, USM Ambassador 



Olivia Dyer '23

Olivia Dyer ‘23

Major: Art Education, Concentration in Drawing and Painting 
Minor: Book Arts 
Hometown: Cherryfield/Ellsworth, ME  
High School: Ellsworth High School 

About Me: I am an art lover from a small town with big dreams. I want to pursue my career in the big city of Portland and be surrounded by creative people. I also enjoy playing volleyball, baking, and exploring.
Why USM?: I love the Portland area and the size of the campus being small enough to know people most everywhere I go, but big enough to keep things interesting.
Campus Involvement: I am very involved in my studio classes! 



Payton Pomeroy '23

Payton Pomeroy ‘23

Major: Elementary Education - History Concentration 
Minor: English 
Hometown: Thorndike, ME 
High School: Mount View High School 

About Me: You can most likely find me with headphones in listening to music, going to record and thrift stores, or reading! I love learning, exploring new places, and spending time with my friends.
Why USM?: I was born and raised in Massachusetts and moved to Maine during my sophomore year of high school, so USM is the perfect balance of small town Maine and suburban Massachusetts with our split campus! Also, the education department is PHENOMENAL!
Campus Involvement: USM Ambassador and Learning Commons Writing Assistant



Rolanda Nubuor '23

Rolanda Nubuor ‘23

Major: Nursing 
Minor: Honors  
Hometown: Worcester, MA 
High School: Burncoat High School 

About Me: I am a Junior here at USM. I love reading and crocheting, I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and family!
Why USM?: I chose USM because of their great nursing program and it was a great decision for me financially.
Campus Involvement: I am a second year RA and I am also involved in the Scholars of Color mentoring program.


Rylee Sawyer '22

Rylee Sawyer ‘22

Major: Exercise Science  
Minor: Holistic and Integrative Health 
Hometown: Parsonsfield, ME 
High School: Sacopee Valley High School 

About Me: I love to go camping with friends and explore new places.  I love to find cool, unheard of stores or towns to share with others.  I always make sure to get some sort of trinket from every adventure.  I also love swimming, during the summer you can always find me on the lake.  I have grown up gardening and have recently started my own garden and learned how to can all kinds of vegetables for the winter.
Why USM?: I chose USM because I liked that I was able to stay close to home, while still getting to experience a new place and new people.  I started at USM as an undeclared major and really liked the variety of majors I could choose from once I decided what I wanted to pursue, as well as the resources available to me to help me find my path.
Campus Involvement: USM Ambassador