Office of Admissions

USM Ambassadors

Our USM Ambassadors will be your tour guides. Like our student body, these student ambassadors range from energetic first-year students to accomplished graduating seniors; from transfer students to working adults. These students bring with them their own unique stories, experiences, and skills to help you find yourself here.

Interested in becoming a USM Ambassador? Email Julia Gurney, Associate Director of Visits & Events.


Meet the USM Ambassador team:


Abedom Gebreyesus '21

Abedom Gebreyesus

Major: Health Sciences

Hometown: Lynn, MA
High School: Lynn English High School



Ellen Kester '22

USM Husky

Major: Nursing
Minor: Holistic and Integrative Health, Biology

Hometown: Londonderry, NH
High School: Londonderry High School

A Little Bit About Me: I love to be outdoors, especially at the ocean. I love hanging out with friends on campus and off, exploring downtown Portland and southern Maine.
Why USM: I chose USM because I liked the idea of a split campus, although different than any other school, it gives me the opportunity to live in a rural, college town, and go to school in the city!
Campus Involvement: 2020 Fall Lead Orientation Leader, off-campus Greek life



Emily Colby '23

University Champ headshot illustration

Major: Health Science, Occupational Therapy Track
Minor: Art

Hometown: Lunenburg, VT
High School: Lyndon Institute

A Little Bit About Me: My friends call me Em and I love food, art, and traveling. If you see me around I am probably going to be listening to music, or running! I also enjoy spending time outside, and watching nature documentaries.
Why USM: I was really attracted to USM because of the 5 year MOT program as well as the schools amazing southern Maine location.
Campus Involvement: USM Ambassador, I run Track and XC, I am also an RA.




Fantasia Perez '22

University Champ headshot illustration

Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminology and Honors

Hometown: Winthrop, ME
High School: Winthrop High School

A Little Bit About Me: I love to play with my cat and little sister, I also enjoy hanging out with my friends during my free time.
Why USM: I chose USM because it's kinda close to home, but it's also far enough away that I still have some independence.
Campus Involvement: Besides being an ambassador, I'm the vice president of the Honors Student Organization on campus and I'm also a learning assistant for psych 100.




Hannah Hart '22

University Champ headshot illustration

Major: Social Behavioral Sciences
Minor: Tourism and Hospitality and Honors

Hometown: South Berwick, ME
High School: Newmarket Jr./Sr. High School

A Little Bit About Me: I am a junior here at USM planning to graduate in 2022. There are a lot of different attributes that make me, first off I am silly and most times doing something crazy such as shaking pom poms or singing Taylor Swift across campus. I am also a very charismatic person and I love to make everyone feel included.
Why USM: I chose USM for a variety of different reasons. The main reason why I chose USM was it felt like home, everyone is very inclusive here at USM and makes you feel as though you belong. I also chose USM because I have a learning disability and they work with all students to make sure they can learn effectively. Lastly, I chose USM because it was financially reasonable.
Campus Involvement: Along with being a part of the admissions team, I am also a Residential Assistant here at USM! I am also affiliated with the Honors Student Organization here at USM and I am their Voluntary Chair.



Katherine Sullivan '21

Thumbnail of Katherine Sullivan

Major: Environmental Science
Minor: Music Performance and Honors

Hometown: Gorham, ME
High School: Cheverus High School

A Little Bit About Me: I am the ultimate outdoor junkie. From skiing at Sunday River to surfing and swimming along the coast of Maine.
Why USM: The affordability, flexible scheduling, the School of Music, and the caliber of the science facilities and faculty.
Campus Involvement: The Southern Maine Symphony Orchestra, The Environmental Science and Policy Club, and a college ambassador to USM for Sunday River.



Nicolas Ritmo '23

University Champ headshot illustration

Major: Education and History
Minor: Coaching

Hometown:  Niskayuna, NY
High School: Niskayuna High School

A Little Bit About Me: I’m a sophomore at USM I play for the men’s ice hockey team as well as being a RA. Love spending my summers up at the lake and I’m always ready to learn more and new things.
Why USM: For me it was like I wasn’t leaving home, everything is very similar to my home town. Another big one was everyone on campus was with open arms and always wanted to help if you need it.
Campus Involvement: I’m an RA and am also on the men’s ice hockey team.



Omar Abduljaleel ‘23

University Champ headshot illustration

Major: Biology: Human Biology
Minor: Honors

Hometown: Westbrook, ME
High School: Westbrook High School

A Little Bit About Me: I like working out and hiking.
Why USM: The community and the location!
Campus Involvement: TRIO Program




Payton Pomeroy '23

University Champ headshot illustration

Major: Elementary Education
Minor: Educational Studies, Geography

Hometown: Thorndike, ME
High School: Mount View High School

A Little Bit About Me: I'm an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Southern Maine.
Why USM: I chose USM because of its location, academic, and the good opportunities it provides.
Campus Involvement: CUBESAT Research and STEM Initiative, Golden Key International Honour Society, IEEE, TRIO Student Support Services




Rolanda Nubuor '23

University Champ headshot illustration

Major: Nursing
Minor: Honors

Hometown: Worcester, MA
High School: Burncoat High School

Why USM: I chose USM because of its nursing program, and it was also a smart choice financially for me.




Washima Fairoz '21

Washima Fairoz

Major: Political Science — Accelerated Pathway to Law

Hometown: Biddeford, ME
High School: Biddeford High School