Office of Admissions

USM Ambassadors

Our USM Ambassadors will be your tour guides. Like our student body, these student ambassadors range from energetic first-year students to accomplished graduating seniors; from transfer students to working adults. These students bring with them their own unique stories, experiences, and skills to help you find yourself here.

Interested in becoming a USM Ambassador? Email Julia Gurney, Associate Director of Visits & Events.


Meet the USM Ambassador team:


Abedom Gebreyesus '21

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Major: Health Sciences 

Hometown: Lynn, Massachusetts

High School: Lynn English High School 


Ashlyn Tomer '21

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Major: Criminology  Minor: Political Science

Hometown: Richmond, New Hampshire

High School: Monadnock Regional High School

Why USM: I liked the idea of having both a rural and city campus. I also loved the endless internship opportunities Portland has!


Autumn Chipman '22 

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Major: Social and Behavioral Sciences Minor: Business

Hometown: Saint Albans, Maine

High School: Nokomis Regional High School

Why USM: USM was my first choice for colleges in the state. It was far enough from home where I could be my own person and yet close enough to that I could go home on a weekend if needed. It was also a smart choice financially for me.


Brandon Hallee '20

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Major: Leadership and Organizational Studies  Minor: Coaching

Hometown: Fairfield, Maine

High School: Lawrence High School

Why USM: Opportunity for internships, community involvement, and affordability is what attracted me to USM. 


Cassie Hillman '22

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Major: Nursing  Minor: Honors and Biology

Hometown: Orrington, Maine

High School: Brewer High School

Why USM: I fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere as soon as I drove onto campus. I fell even more love with the opportunities this school has to offer.


Courtney Czechowicz '21

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Major: Linguistics, ASL Interpreting concentration 

Minor: Honors 

Hometown: Rockaway, New Jersey

High Schoo: Morris Knolls High School/Algonquin High School (MA)

Why USM: I chose USM because I loved the idea of the multiple campuses, along with the beauty of Maine.


Danielle Nadeau '22

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Major: Communication 

Hometown: Fort Kent, Maine

High School: Fort Kent Community High School

Why USM: USM felt like a home away from home. Everyone here is so welcoming and, just like the motto, USM is truly for everyone. I could not have picked a better school to pursue my degree. 


Ellen Kester '22

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Major: Nursing 

Hometown: Londonderry, NH 

High School: Londonderry High School 


Emily Dumont '20

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Major: English, Elementary Teacher Education

Hometown: Lewiston, Maine

High School: Lewiston High School

Why USM: USM has excellent resources for tutoring, internships, and friendships that will last a lifetime. I’ve found my forever home away from home. I’ve really grown as an individual.


Emily Saunders '20

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Major: Sports Management  Minor: Coaching

Hometown: Center Ossipee, New Hampshire

High School: Kingswood Regional High School

Why USM: I chose USM because I love being able to have 10 people say hello to me while also meeting new faces every day. I don't just feel like a number here. Family is very important to me and USM is like an extended family to me.


Emily York '20

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Major: Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy Track

Hometown: Gorham, New Hampshire

High School: Gorham Middle High School

Why USM: I came to USM because they had an option to jumpstart my Occupational Therapy program. When I came here, I loved the amount of activities going on campus for students and the location.


Hannah Oneill '20

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Major: Linguistics   

Hometown: Perth Andover, New Brunswick, Canada 

High School: Southern Victoria High School


Johnny Kyte '20

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Major: Tourism and Hospitality 

Hometown: Carp, Ontario, Canada

High School: Northwood School

Why USM: The location, the people, and community feel. Very safe and welcoming for everyone regardless of who, what, or where they are from. It’s unique and different than most places. I am a little different and unique, so I thought it would be a perfect fit.


Katherine-Helene Sullivan '22

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Major: Environmental Science  Minor: Honors  

Hometown: Gorham, Maine

High School: Cheverus High School 

Why USM: I took a gap year after high school, which was amazing, and I found that staying local, being financially smart, and being part of an awesome Environmental Science Program were the best options a college student could get — and I found them at USM.


Maddie Stevens '20

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Major: Business Administration – Marketing

Hometown: Monmouth, Maine

High School: Monmouth Academy 

Why USM: I came to USM when I was younger for multiple sports camps, so the campus felt most like home. I was looking for a school that felt like home and was in the state of Maine. Being 20 minutes from the ocean, mall, and Portland is such a treat! I couldn't be happier with my decision!


Maeve Blodgett '22 

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Major: Health Sciences

Hometown: Wiscasset, Maine

High School: Wiscasset Middle High School

Why USM: The University of Southern Maine is in the perfect area and represents everything I wanted in a college. USM is very affordable, diverse, welcoming, and moderately large. USM is the perfect package for me.


Meghan LaBelle '20

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Major: Health Sciences, Pre-OT  Minor: Dance

Hometown: Tilton, New Hampshire

High School: Winnisquam High School

Why USM: I chose USM because of the Occupational Therapy program, and services the Disability Services Center could provide to me to be a successful student. 


Morgan Nickerson '20

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Major: Tourism and Hospitality  Minor: Food studies

Hometown: Acton, Maine

High School: Sanford High School

Why USM: While in high school, I participated in a program called TRIO Upward Bound at USM. I spent the summers here on campus, which soon began to feel like home. I originally planned on going elsewhere, but the longer I was away from USM the more I realized I missed it. I truly feel a sense of belonging at USM that I haven't felt anywhere else.


Samantha Conley '19

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Major: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Hometown: Sharon, Massachusetts

High School: Sharon High School 


Sergio Martin Acuna '20

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Major: Athletic Training  Minor: Athletic Coaching 

Hometown: Barcelona, Spain

High School: IES Tafira (Spain) 

Why USM: I was originally was recruited to play basketball and soccer, but ended up discovering so much more through the community and academic offerings. I really liked the Athletic Training Program.


Shelbea Makela '21

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Major: Teacher Pathways

Hometown: York, Maine

High School: York High School


Zachary Liddy-Davis '21 

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Major: Marketing

Hometown: Camden, Maine

High School: Camden Hills High School 

Why USM: USM provides a unique college experience located in the greater Portland area, providing many academic and work opportunities for students.