Office of Institutional Research

Wintergreen Orchard House

We are a major database compiler, provider, and publisher, specializing in the Private K-12, two- and four-year college, summer program, and scholarship fields.

For more than 45 years, Wintergreen Orchard House has been recognized for the depth and breadth of their data, as well as respected for its quality and integrity. Through its many products (College Admissions Data Sourcebooks, Index of Majors and Sports, Post Secondary Sourcebooks for Community Colleges, Technical, Trade, and Business Schools) and availability of custom data sent right to your inbox, Wintergreen Orchard House serves thousands of high school and independent counselors, educators, students, their parents, librarians, colleges, and universities every year.

Online surveys are sent out yearly for two- and four-year colleges/universities to Institutional Research and Admissions offices. Surveys are returned and completed by over 90% of schools and then verified by our editors in order to ensure the data is completely updated and accurate and in its best form to be viewed by prospective students.

 - From the Wintergreen Orchard House website