Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

About OLLI at USM


OLLI started as Senior College in 1997 at the University of Southern Maine. It began with a vision—a simple idea, really: to provide a stimulating program for older learners. Thanks to dedicated community and university leaders and volunteers, OLLI has now expanded into one of America’s fastest growing and leading programs in lifelong learning.

A very generous endowment gift from the Bernard Osher Foundation in 2000 encouraged expanded programming opportunities. In recognition of the Osher Foundation’s gift, the organization’s name was changed to Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, or OLLI.

In the summer of 2008, OLLI moved into its now home in the Wishcamper Center at USM allowing the program to expand from Fridays only to five days a week.

OLLI offers courses, workshops, lectures, events and travel to people over 50 just for the love of learning.  No credits.  No degrees.  Just fun.

Courses will be posted under the OLLI Courses and Lectures link on the right.


The SAGE lectures series at the University of Southern Maine started in 1983, and became part of the Osher Lifeling Learning Institute in 2001.

SAGE  provides academic lecture and discussion programs chosen by its members, in topic areas such as history, culture, the arts, geography, anthropology, and science. Using University and community resources, the SAGE program provides a format in which enthusiastic learners can discover new realms of intellectual challenge and academic pursuit.

SAGE lectures will be posted under the OLLI Courses and Lectures link on the right.