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General Overview:

A degree completion track of the BS in Leadership and Organizational Studies (LOS), the Integrative Professional Studies Track requires that students enter the program with 75 or more college credits. This track of LOS is designed to serve as a more efficient path through the LOS degree for those students who have already accumulated over 75 credits. A Certificate in Leadership Studies and Certificate in Creative Leadership and Global Strategy are also available online through this program.

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Career Options:

We understand that it is important for you to know what possible career opportunities and acquired skills are attained as a result of completing a degree in a particular program. The Major2Career worksheet for Leadership & Organizational Studies provides information to consider as you choose the degree path that makes the most sense for you, your career, and your educational goals.

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Admission & Transfer Information:

A transfer student is an applicant who has attempted twelve semester hours of credit or more since graduating from high school or earning a GED. Students should have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 unless otherwise indicated by the desired program. For more information about how your courses might transfer to USM, contact Enrollment Counselor Joe Pagano for an unofficial transfer credit evaluation. 

Ready to apply? Review the Transfer Student Checklist and submit your online application today!

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Degree Requirements:

Students must have a minimum of 120 credits to earn a bachelor’s degree.

USM Core Curriculum Requirements

  • Entry Year Experience ( students with 24 or fewer transfer credits take LCC 123; students with 24 or more transfer credits take LCC 345 )
  • College Writing (LCC 110 or LCC 111)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (LCC 150)
  • Creative Expression (LCC 250)
  • Socio-Cultural Analysis (LCC 220 or LCC 320)
  • Science Exploration - with Lab (LCC 130 or LCC 230)
  • Cultural Interpretation (LCC 200)
  • Ethical Inquiry, Social Responsibility, and Citizenship (LCC 370)
  • Diversity
  • International
  • Cluster course 1 (See Note)
  • Cluster course 2 (See Note)
  • Cluster course 3 (See Note)
  • Capstone (taken as part of the major – LCC 480)

USM students must complete either a Thematic Cluster OR a minor OR a double major. Students may overlap one cluster course with their major.

LOS Major requirements (35 credits)

Requirements for the major (23 credits)

  • LCC 150 Statistics for Informed Decision Making
  • LOS 299 Writing in the Major (taken concurrently with LOS 300)
  • LOS 300* Organizational Theory
  • LOS 301 Group Dynamics
  • LOS 350* Leadership
  • LOS 440 Organizational Change and Development
  • LCC 370 Toward a Global Ethics
  • LCC 480 Senior Seminar

 *All LOS majors must earn a grade of B- or better in both LOS 300 and LOS350.

Required electives for the major (12 credits)
LOS majors must take any 4 LOS electives (LOS courses that are 300-level or higher). LOS Electives are listed below. They can be selected based on student interest or as concentrations, certificates, etc. Please note that not all LOS electives are available online.

Human Services Concentration
This concentration requires completion of 6 of the following courses:

  • LOS/SBS 302 Organizational Behavior
  • LOS 322 Leadership in the Public/Nonprofit Sectors
  • LOS 325 State and Local Government
  • SBS 335 Legal Issues in Health and Human Services
  • SBS 338 Health Care Policies
  • LOS 373 Managing Nonprofits
  • SBS 430 Applied Social Policy

Certificate in Lean Leadership

  • LOS 302* Organizational Behavior (offered face-to-face, or online)
  • LOS 308 Lean Systems and Methods
  • LOS 309 Lean Systems/Methods Practicum
  • LOS 440* Organizational Change (offered face-to-face, or online)
  • (*LOS 302, or LOS 440 must be taken before LOS 308)

Other LOS Electives include:

  • LCC 310 Science, Technology, and Society
  • LOS 302 Organizational Behavior
  • LOS 312 Human Resource Management
  • LOS 314 Employee Relations
  • LOS 316 Diversity in the Workplace
  • LOS 327 Leading through Conflict
  • LOS 323 The Media and Politics
  • LOS 330 Leadership in Different Cultures
  • LOS 333 Portfolio Development
  • LOS 360 Deliberate Creativity and Innovation
  • LOS 361 Entrepreneurship
  • LOS 381 Introduction to Globalization
  • LOS 412 Topics in Human Resource Management
  • LOS 436 Risk, Public Policy, and Society
  • LOS 470 Leadership Study Abroad
  • LOS 487 Consulting in Organizations

To learn more about the degree requirements, please view the official 2015-2016 catalog. You can also view the degree check sheet to track your progress.

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Scheduled Courses:

For course descriptions and up-to date details, please visit the USM MaineStreet Class Search.

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